Anyone ever had a really GOOD psychic reading?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. SomewhereOutThere

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    I mean one where the psychic doesn't ask you any questions and tells you all about yourself without even knowing your name. I paid a lot, but I feel I've resolved issues I've had with my mother and that I've truly spoken to those I love who have passed (and will see again).
    This has made me a believer in life after death and has positively affected my day-to-day life. Well, it's more than just that experience that made me a believer (I've been studying the paranormal for twenty years), but it was incredible. She wasn't vague at all. She gave specifics and descriptions and it just blew me away. I truly felt I had spoken to those loved ones who are now in another realm.

    Yeah, I've had a few quack psychics who asked me leading questions and told me vague stuff. That isn't what I mean.... :redface:
  2. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I feel things and on occasion - I sense things.
    My first experience was going to a reading when I was 16 - the medium grabbed my hand and asked me to leave.
    My second experience was a woman my x took me to. She did his reading then I sat down, she looked at my hands - got up and pushed me out the door and said "no - please leave."

    After that? I'm afraid to even buy a lottery ticket....BUT I have lived in a few houses that we couldn't explain things. Dude still remembers.

    So to answer your question around the block and down the road - no. Never had a reading at all - can't touch this (apparently)
  3. Andy

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    I have never had a psychic reading. I think that stuff scares me - I feel that it is real because of some strange things that happened in my life - messages that I received about my siblings that were true (twice one of my sisters were in danger and I received a warning). It scared me so much that I have worked on shutting it out. Hard for me to say it is not real when it has been real for me. I wonder if I could be a psychic if I didn't turn my back on it?
  4. KTMom91

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    I've had several good ones, all from the same psychic. I got a lot of clarity and insight from the things she said. Unfortunately, she moved away, and I haven't been able to find anyone else.
  5. SomewhereOutThere

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    Mine does it over the phone. She has never seen me. But she can describe me.
    There are so many things that can not be explained. My daughter swears she saw Grandma after she "died." She said it made her feel warm and happy and she knew she was there to let her know she was still there and watching over her. She was in school at the time and has never hallucinated.
  6. susiestar

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    I have had several good psychic readings. One over the phone and 2 in person. I also have had some amazing medical help from a healer. No traditional medicine involved. She adjusted my chakras and worked on something else. I was preggo with thank you at the time and had lost over 30 pounds. It was at the point if I lost any more weight they would hospitalize me for the rest of the pregnancy - and I was just barely 22 weeks along!

    Whatever she did STOPPED the morning sickness that was there 24/7. I was previously puking from the sight or smell of food, being in a car, any movement at all made me sick. It has been awful. My Dad came to OH and picked up Wiz, Jess and I and drove us to OK for a visit - mostly so I could rest and sleep and they could take care of the kids. Mom arranged this appointment.

    The woman mostly works with horses - adjusting their feed, working with their emotional problems (anyone who has horses can tell that they have emotional reactions and problems, it is part of the reason they are so good for therapy with kids, in my opinion.) She has totally rehabilitated racehorses that were going to be put down because an injury or poor performance and attitude. Her horses are incredible. There is such a sense of peace and happiness and well-being in her barns.

    I have had some scary psychic experiences too. I seem to have always been sensitive to this kind of thing, from a very early age. At one point we were in Milwaukee and I was about 4. It was Easter and I was upset that my dad wasn't with us - we had gone to visit my aunt and uncle.

    Somehow, with my anger and hurt, I managed to open my window back home in OH (where we lived when I was a kid). A neighbor told my dad he needed to tell me to shut my window because a storm was coming. He had just closed it and thought she was nuts. She actually SAW me open the window.

    I also managed to do other things of that nature, usually when we travelled with-o my dad. I was a total Daddy's girl and missed him terribly any time we were away from him. It made me very angry and anxious (esp in my aunt and uncle's next home in VA - there are some really ANGRY things living in that house. I think the angry things stay there because they can feed off my uncle and aunt - she is alcoholic and angry and he is incredibly over controlling and furious if ANYTHING is not done HIS way. I actually used to have to ask the spirits to leave me alone when we stayed there. If I didn't they made me so very scared and angry and anxious it was incredible. My other aunt (the one that just visited) suggested I ask the spirits to leave me alone in Christ's name. It worked, after I would do that I would know they were there but they didn't bother me. I got teased for it by 2 of my cousins but the oldest started doing it also.

    So, yes, I have had incredible psychic readings. I am also very sensitive. I know when my Gma's are here, when the White Lady is around in my parents home (even when she is happy or unhappy - and she usually just interacts with the kids), and when we looked at houses I had to reject quite a number of them based on how they "feel". It is one reason we bought a brand new home.

    I am glad you had a good reading. Could you PM info about your psychic to me? Name, phone #, cost, etc..?
  7. Kjs

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    well those of you who have had me!

    MM - After my horrible day today, I finally got a nap in before work. but it wasn't a resting nap. It was my mom. (she died last April). she was ok. She was the mom I knew. I was so happy. So relieved. I had so much I wanted to talk to her about. So much I wanted to tell her. So much I needed to hear. Then I woke up.
    So now all night I have been wondering what that meant.

    I am terrified of psychic's. What if they tell you bad news? Have any of you had bad news and then what happens?
  8. SomewhereOutThere

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    A psychic who works for the good (and most legitimate ones do) don't tell you bad news. For me, I am more interested in connecting with those who have passed than with hearing the future. I was shocked this time when the psychic told me my mother was with a robust, smiling man patting his gut, making fun of it. She thought it could be one of my grandfathers, but I said no. Then she said "they're all going to the mountains. Does that mean something?" It didn't at the time, but afterward, well, his name is Rocky and my son used to tease him and sing "Rocky Mountain High" by John Denver around him. We had had no idea he'd passed on because nobody had spoken to him since my mother's death. They had been soulmates on earth. I called his daughter and, sure enough, he had taken his trip a year ago. by the way, his daughter was freaked out to hear he'd come through. She says she often feels him and knows he is with her. He gives her advice in her dreams and has spoken of being with my mother. There is so much more. She has hit the nail on the head with dates, places, names. This was more vague, but she will say, "Your mom says hi to the person whose name starts with A and has a birthday in April." That's my sister, Andrea who is an April baby...I do not deal with psychics or mediums who try to connect with darker souls. And I've never talked to one who did. Not even the frauds ;)
  9. eekysign

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    No. Occasionally, I'll do one for sport, random curiosity, to see if they might be good!

    Every one I've ever had (3 or 4 by now, all over the country) spends 10mins telling me things that could be extrapolated from the behavior she saw before the reading started (For example, one saw me offer to pay for my best friend's reading, when she sheepishly admitted she had no money. During the reading, she told me I was the type of person that puts my friend's happiness before my own. I almost left right there, but hey, I'm gonna get my money's worth!).

    Another one told me that I'd just gotten out of a serious relationship (hadn't dated anyone in over a year), and that I'd meet a new beau more better suited for me very soon. That was 5 years ago. Ha---maybe in "cosmic" time, "soon" is relative. :)

    Then they tell me "something-something-something is all tied in knots in you, and you need to come back for regular sessions with her to get my chakras-chi-spirit-animal or whatever aligned-untied-fixed, when can you come next? (for $50 a pop!). It's like going to a sales-heavy salon for a massage---"Oh, ma'am, you need to buy these add on products!". Bleh!

    Sorry, gals, been scammed on by far too many "psychics".
  10. bran155

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    So weird that I read your thread at this moment. I am watching Tyra and she has psychics on!!!! Talk about PSYCHIC!!!!!

    But, no I haven't ever had a good reading. In fact, I don't think I have ever had a reading period. I have thought about it though. I am a true believer in the unknown but am a bit skeptical in ones abilities. I would love to go to see John Edwards though. I believe he is the real deal.
  11. Shari

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    Never had a psychic reading.
    I'd be interested in her information, too, if you're willing to share.
    I have always felt that there's something I'm supposed to be doing here. My best friend feels extremely strongly that I have a purpose, something she's never had either.
    Is that direction something a psychic can give?
  12. Hound dog

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    I have always wanted to try this at least once, but have no way of telling who is a quack pretender fraud, and who might actually do a good job.

    I have no trouble believing in such things because I've had premonition dreams as long as I can remember. Unfortuanately, they're extremely accurate. I say unfortunately because they rarely tell me good news.:tongue:

    I also have rare times when I just know something with the certainty that the sun will rise in the east. Have no idea where it comes from. But I've learned to "go with it" the hard way. And I'm thankful it's rare because it spooks me a little. Something will come pouring out of my mouth of it's own accord......and it has been 100 percent accurate so far. I've scared the life out of husband with this one more than once. lol

    But I've no control over it. I seem to get it whenever the powers that be feel it's necessary. So I'd like to get a reading from someone with more control/ability and just see what they have to say. Just don't want to weed thru the fakers to find them. Know what I mean??

    So? Where are you all finding the real ones?
  13. hearts and roses

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    I had one bad one when I was around 19 or so and two good ones within the past 5 years.

    Everytime I go through something major in life or am at a crossroads, I am able to find some clarity by getting a reading.

    The woman I usually would go to has moved to another area nearby and is working with another woman...the other woman gives me the most horrid 'bad' vibes whenever I'm around her. I don't know if it's her past (which I know to be quite horrific) or if it is HER that I'm picking up vibes on. But either way, I'm trusting my gut on this one and am going to find someone else. Thanks for the link.
  14. SomewhereOutThere

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    I wouldn't go to anyone if I felt "bad vibes." I don't think all psychics are equally as gifted and some are outright frauds. The ones who are frauds tell you vague, dumb stuff that can apply to everybody. They also ask you questions. The good ones don't want to know anything about you. In fact, mine gets upset if I tell her anything because if I talk it breaks her mood. All she knew about me was my first name. She does it over the phone and the electronics in my house go wacky a few days after the I figure my loved one's energy is still very much around me and spirits do communicate through electricity a lot :). After my last reading, I got off the cell phone (we don't have a land phone) pressed it to call my sister, and it was dead. I figured it was my mom or grandmother because it had been plugged in during the entire hour so I knew it wasn't low on batteries. My hub couldn't fix it. He thought it was really odd. I didn't. I knew. And I also knew that it would just go back on later on, which it did, with no explanation. I"m used to things like that happening. I think once you accept spirituality, you find that spirits who love you reach out to you more often and it makes you feel good.
  15. susiestar

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    Every couple of years husband will say something to me quietly that he KNOWS, down deep in his soul, will happen. He is ALWAYS right, even down to the time frame.

    He predicted gfgbro would get into MAJOR trouble and cause my mom to need to lean on me incredibly hard. He was RIGHT. With many, many details. And we didn't live anywhere near gfgbro OR my mom and dad. We actually hadn't even talked to gfgbro in almost 6 months at the time.

    It is rare, but when it happens he is dead on.