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    That at school because sometimes our difficult children can easily be prevoked or can be easily wound up that some kids tend to try there best to get them going then its our difficult child thats in trouble :(
    Just got a call from the principle that my grandson was having issues on the bus and is now suspended off the bus for a couple days I told her that he will not be at school those days as I will not be driving him she didnt seem to concerned about him not being there.I expressed to the principle that I have noticed when getting him off the bus the kids teasing him and throwing his stuff at him that hes dropped and that after speaking to him about the bus ride that he was upset about the things kids were saying to him and the one boy wasnt being very nice so he hit him.I explained that was wrong of them but he cant be hitting people. He's 4 yrs old and I have a feeling hes already been labeled at school as the troubled & bad kid, its so frustrating what affect school can sometimes have on kids he loves learning but doesnt like the social part of it. I did take him to his family Dr and he feels he may have ADHD and had refered him to someone who does assesments on kids his age we were lucky there wasnt much of a waite and already have a appointment for Mar6th.
    Counting to 10 and taking deep breathes :peaceful:
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    Yes, I see it happen time after time. It is like they have a sign that says 'pick on me and you will not get into trouble'.

    Glad you are there to advocate for him!