anyone ever weaned their difficult child off seroquel?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Jan 25, 2009.

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    So i was wondering if anyone has experience with taking their difficult child off seroquel? I'm just wondering what to expect if I decide to wean difficult child off the medication. I will ofcourse be doing it with-the doctor's knowledge and assistance.

    I'm just wondering how it'll go, what i may see. She's gained way too much weight, her self esteem is taking a hit due to that and i'm also noticing alot of the old behaviors the anger, flip flopping mood and lack of sleep. I'm waiting to bring new therapist into mix 2x a week to double up before I go ahead and pull the medication.

    Anyway any thoughts as always are appreciated. :) thanks!
  2. gcvmom

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    No experience with stopping it. It's working well for difficult child 2. Does her psychiatrist think she's at a therapeutic level yet?
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    Jen, how much Seroquel is she taking?

    We have lowered J's Seroquel, but did not take him off completely because his irritability and oppositional behavior began to reappear. He has not gained any weight on Seroquel because we first used Zonegran and now Wellbutrin to suppress appetite.

    With all due respect, if your difficult child is having trouble sleeping now, it may get worse off Seroquel. And lack of sleep can lead to increased irritability, anxiety and mania. How do you plan to get her to sleep without some help from medications or supplements?
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    I was going to say what Smallworld said - when my difficult child was weaned from seroquel the biggest side effect was trouble getting to sleep. My difficult child was on an extrememly low does (only 25mg). His appetite returned to normal levels almost immediately, but so did his sleeping issues. It took a couple months for the adjustment to sleep to go away.