Anyone Experience Transferring a difficult child Back to Mainstream SD

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by jal, Apr 11, 2011.

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    I have a yearly PPT tomorrow. My difficult child has been in a therapeutic classroom out of district for 3 years now. difficult child is by far not perfect but he has made big strides. He is very smart, no Learning Disability (LD)'s, just impulsivity issues. These have been helped by the addition of Intuniv. This program is in a regular school. Since last year he started mainstreaming with one of the classes for gym, lunch and recess. He has recently begun mainstream math and music.

    husband and I want him back in district. I am concerned about him losing any more footing academically if he stays on here. He is capable of so much more. I know if he was in mainstream he'd be doing more than is required of him now. Also, the fact that he's lost all of this time to make friends in our district. He plays soccer and baseball, but hasn't sustained any friendships as he does not see this kids on a daily basis.

    I feel he is ready to try. He has been in this program since 1st grade. Next year he will be in 4th. I had told him if he had no major issues for several months I would go to bat for him. He hasn't had a major issue since early December.

    He has learned how to ask to take and use a coping skilll when needed. He has learned quite a bit there.

    We have a great team in our SD and have always received what we've asked for, so our relationship with everyone is very good. I just feel all that has been done has been and its time to get him back into his school.

    I am scared that it could blowup in our face if he went back, but I'm even more scared to not try as he has so much potential and he likes school.
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    If you think he's ready, try it!! Can't hurt. He can always go back. Just make sure his IEP goes with him. That's very important.