Anyone fly with small children?

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    Does anyone fly with kids age 2-4, or have a family member or friend who does? I just came across a restraint system for small children on airplanes.

    Until this product you had to lug your car seat on the plane for your child to fly safely. Having done this I can testify to the aching back and the frustration of chasing a child through an airport or airplane while dealing with carry-on bags and the car seat. Even with Wiz on a harness style leash it ws very difficult.

    CARES is a set of straps and buckles that uses the airplane seat belt and turns it into a harness to keep your child safe. It looks like it would weigh almost nothing so you could check your carseat and have a much less stressful trip. It is the only other FAA approved child restraint/protection other than a carseat.

    I saw it on If you have not checked the site out, it is a lot of fun. They have a different item showcased every day or so. Each item has a short video telling you about the product and the person who created it.

    It would be something you could share with a friend, or a group of friends or relatives.