Anyone from IL know how to get Medicaid when pregnant?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by MidwestMom, Dec 23, 2013.

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    My daughter is not getting a response and she really needs to see a doctor. She filled out an application but is still not getting a response. She is in Kane County. Thanks.
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    Most states have online application procedures but they can be very difficult to use. The website should have help numbers for tech support and for customer service. If she is not getting results from the cust svc number, she should contact her local Dept of Human Services. As far as I know, they will have a procedure for making an appointment AND one or more days each week when people are seen on a first come first serve basis. She should be able to get some answers and help that way. At one point I had to make an appointment and go in only to have the SW call to the cust svc line to get answers for me. Seemed ridiculous when I had spoken to cust svc numerous times, but the SW got a very different response than I did.

    She should also go to her county health dept. They handle WIC and often have doctors available for children and for pregnant women. WIC has generous income guidelines esp for preg women and those with kids under 2. they will provide some types of food at no cost to her. This is to help ensure that her child is as healthy as possible. It isn't a huge amount of food, generally milk, cheese, fruit juice, and a choice of peanut butter, beans or maybe tuna. I always chose peanut butter because it is far more expensive to purchase than beans are, or even than tuna is given the amount of each provided. WIC can also provide other services but I don't really remember them.

    She should also see if the county health dept has a doctor who can see her until she gets medicaid. But each state is different so she should ask them.
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    I took my daughter to the health department to confirm the pregnancy. They had medicaid and wic in the same place - it was super easy and she was approved for everything right then and there...

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