Anyone go to a military ball?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Abbey, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. Abbey

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    My husband company does them every year here in Vegas. I, personally, have never done one as husband has always been able to cover them. Last night, though, I did have to do one to...3000 people.

    If you've never seen one, they are quite moving. Everyone is very formally dressed and they are many traditional ceremonies that they do. They leave empty tables for all that have been killed in their battlion in the last year. There were 56 empty seats. :sad:

    Don't know the full story (I'm sure someone on here does), but these are basically birthday parties of the start of the company. After all the ceremonial stuff is done...THESE GUYS/GALS CAN PARTY!!!

    Only thing I wish is that they would stop talking to me in military time. :wink:

    I've got two more to do this weekend. Most are Marine balls.

  2. HereWeGoAgain

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    My son (easy child 2) goes to a Firefighter's Ball every year. He and his wife look good in his dress uniform and her in a formal gown. (I believe the start time is 1930 hours and they party until, oh, 0300 hours or so.)

    PS - I was contemplating a pun on "Marine balls", but I thought better of it.
  3. tinamarie1

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    Hi Abbey. My husband is a former Marine (and currently in the Navy). We went to one Marine Corps Ball...and it was so much fun. We were stationed in California at the time and the ball was in Laughlin, NV at a nice casino. We were so broke back then, I borrowed a ball gown from a friend and a coworker did my hair all fancy. The guys in husband's unit didn't recognize me at first! (tells you how much i dress up and put on makeup, etc)
    We partied alllll night long and danced and had such a great time.
    I will always treasure those memories.
  4. Big Bad Kitty

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    And HWGA, so was I. :laugh:
  5. tinamarie1

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    bbk, what is HWGA? i am so not with it when it comes to abbreviations.
  6. HereWeGoAgain

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    It's me --
    Here We Go Again.
  7. fedup

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    I went to a Navy Ball many years ago. Our daughter has been to two Navy Balls. But, since she joined the Navy, none. She got the experience as a Jr ROTC member, and again afte she grduated because she stayed in contcat withher Chief at school.

    I just want everyone to realize that the Dress Uniforms the men wear are a real trial to wear- that's why it happens so infrequently. My daughter and I both were able to wear formal or semi-formal dresses.
  8. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    It's funny as I was talking to this one gentleman (very young) who was COVERED in metals, ribbons, stripes, etc. First I asked him what each of them meant. He said..."Kissing as*." I think he had a few too many beers at that point. What I noticed is how decorated they are. My family is career Air Force and they don't wear near as much 'bling' as these guys do!

  9. Hound dog

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    been there done that back when husband was in the Army. Don't care to repeat it either. :bloodshot:

    Silly me thought when the "formal" activities were over that husband and I could sneak off and go to bed. HA! Instead we wound up spending the night going from one hotel room party to the next.

    You're right, I've never seen people party like that either before or since. :surprise: One guy had a heartattack at one of the hotel room parties and it took the others in the room awhile to figure out he wasn't kidding around.

    Not a good atmosphere for someone who doesn't like formal gatherings and hates to be around large groups of people. :rolleyes:
  10. Abbey

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    Too funny. After a 9 hour party I was exhausted and went to my hotel room. NOOOOO sleep there!! :crazy2: They just moved the party to the rooms. It's pretty useless to call hotel security as the bulk of their clients...all 3000 of them were staying in the hotel.

    Needless to say, I'm taking a nap this afternoon.

  11. DammitJanet

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    Ohhh Abbey!

    My shining memory from Jamies Marine Corps time was the year he took us to the Marine Corps Ball. It was so beautiful!

    Yes, this is the time for them because the Marine Corps Birthday is November 10th. Some of you who have seen my myspace page have seen the picture of me and my husband with Jamie in his Dress Blues at the ball. Ohhhh so handsome! I just adored seeing all those good looking Marines in those Blues. There is just nothing like a Marine in his Blues. LOL.

    Happy Birthday USMC!
  12. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen


    Thanks for sharing!! I know I was in tears when the chaplain said his speech. It was so moving when he talked about all the missing men/women. It's a tad hard to be a DJ when you're crying. :flower:

    The event was beautiful and it really makes you think what these people are doing for our country. So young.

  13. Suz

    Suz (the future) MRS. GERE

    Every November I watched my parents get all gussied up for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. My Mom wore the same dress for 11 years because people moved so much that they hardly ever saw her in it twice. And Dad was so handsome in his dress blues.

    Great memories. Thanks, Abbey.

  14. slsh

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    Gosh, Abbey - I had completely forgotten but husband and I went to the Submariner's Ball right after we got married (almost 20 years ago). I just asked husband where it was held... his answer? "Oh gosh, are you kidding me???" LOL - it was somewhere in Waikiki, I'm thinking maybe the Hilton. I don't remember a whole lot about it, definitely don't remember a lot of speeches but then we were really newly married and just ridiculously smitten. :smile: I do remember that he looked so doggone handsome in his Crackerjack uniform.