Anyone had experience with combo therapy lithium plus Depakote?


Difficult Child's p-doctor is thinking about adding Depakote to current medications which are lithium and Seroquel. When he first started lithium 5 years ago, it is was like a miracle-so many things improved but eventually we hit a plateau. Seroquel add on three years ago helped a bit-not as much as Risperdal worked for him in past (has to discontinue due to high prolactin levels) but helps somewhat. But we continue to struggle with his non-stop irritability and argumentative behaviors. They seem to be escalating. Puberty is setting in and may be playing a part.
The past few months have been extremely rough. Luckily, we finally found a therapist who is experienced, willing and that my son connects with. He just started with her. But the p-doctor has thrown out the idea of adding Depakote into the medication mix in attempt to calm down some of the irritability (mania?)

I found a journal article that discusses lithium alone, lithium plus Depakote and Depakote alone in regards to bipolar therapy. But I would like to hear from the trenches. Do any of you have experience of adding Depakote onto lithium regimen?

Every new drug scares the heck out of me, even after all of these years and medications. Ugh

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Hi Firehorsewoman! I can't remember if we ever had our son on that specific combination. I know we had him on Depakote for quite awhile but lithium didn't work for our son at all. They may have been at the same time at some point (sad to say, I can't keep track of all the combos). I hope you find a good combo that really helps! It is possible-our son has been on his combo now for about 5 or 6 years and is doing way better.
Hi, Wiped Out and thanks.
Yes, I remember when the trial with lithium did not work out for you son. I had hoped you guys would have the great results we experienced.

I have been with this long enough to know that everyone has an individual response to medications so not expecting a miracle answer here but each time we introduce a new medication I get freaked out and try to research my way out of the fear.

I vacillate between not wanting to add yet another psychotropic medication to a brain that has been on medication for ten out of it's twelve years and thinking I cannot live another minute dealing with my son's constant irritability and arguments.


My two boys did pretty well on Depakote + other bipolar cocktail medications. Younger son took it with Lithium Eventually had to stop the Lithium due to hand & tongue tremors.

Depakote kept a handle on evening mania for both. Otherwise loud, forceful nonstop talking, arguing. Older son would even go under the kitchen table & kick & yell sounds for 45 mins right after dinner, if he hadn't had Depakote early enough, or had skipped the previous evening's dose while at the babysitter's house.