Anyone have AT&T Uverse?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. Kjs

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    We switched from Cable to AT&T Uverse last week. We have 5 TV's, with an extra outlet in the living room for when I rearrange the furniture.

    The man who installed it said he did not hook up the other outlet in the living room. He said with 5 TV's, if he turned the juice on to that outlet some of the TV's may freeze up. Anyone heard of that?

    I was at the AT&T store for an issue, and the man said that wasn't true., difficult child recieved a LCD TV. easy child got it all hooked up fine. The TV in our bedroom has been acting up for a while. So we only unhooked the cable from the TV and hooked it into difficult child's tv(not his new one). We get no picture. All snow. Checked all the connections and nothing. So we put the old TV back. No picture on that either. Now we have no TV in our room.

    Anyone have any idea what happened? I know the TV has to be on channel 3. But we don't even get the channels to appear.

    When the store put in my address, he said we are right in the middle of 3 towers. New ones so we shouldn't have any reception issues. However, both iphones don't work in the house. Only in one certain area and in and out of reception in other areas. Sigh. we have never had cell phones that work well in the house.
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    I have uverse and we have seven tv's hooked up to it with no problems at all. I don't think your tech knew what he was talking about. I have no idea why the tv in your room isn't working. There is no reason why it should not work if it worked before and you just switch out tv's. I changed the tv in our bedroom not too long ago and it worked fine. If you aren't getting a picture on either tv check and make sure your connections are correct. I had the cable connected to the wrong input one time and couldn't figure out why I got no picture. Look at another tv and make sure you are connecting it the same way. If it still doesn't work call AT&T and have a tech come out.

    When I first got uverse we had a lot of issues. Sometimes the picture on the tv froze and sometimes the signal just went out. Finally they switched out out cable box and we have had no problems ever since. Many of the techs that come out do not understand uverse. They go through training but they are not familar with all the technology. I talked to many support people on the phone who knew nothing about uverse. Finally I got one that was very knowledgeable and he was able to solve my problems. I worked for AT&T for 14 years and the old time techs are great, the new ones just don't have the experience or training to know how to fix things. I had several tell me that uverse was incompatible with HDMI cables. That's nonsense. They told me that you will get just as good a picture using component cables. That's just not correct. They don't want to take the time to trouble shoot the problem.

    I was ready to dump uverse and go back to cable for a long time. But when they finally got all the bugs worked out I can honestly say the uverse is great. I love the fact that I can record a show and watch it on any tv in the house.

    Let me know if you figure it out.

  3. Kjs

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    Thanks Nancy. What I did this morning was, checked all connections. Then decided to unplug the box, wait a few minutes and plug it back in. worked.

    And to think i have been working in a data center for 22 years. When we try all we can we always power off and power on, and usually solves the problem. but you think i could of thought of that at home....

    Thanks. I wouldn't of even checked the box or powered off if you hadn't suggested it.