anyone hear of doggie prozac?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Feb 8, 2008.

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    Took both dogs to the vet today. Vaccine time. Chloe needed her thyroid levels checked, don't believe she is on the correct dose of solixine. She initially lost about 10 pounds then started with severe allergies last summer and put back on 8 pounds.
    Kenzie, she is our crazy dog. Always has to be touching you. Chews things up if we leave. Tried to crate her early on but yelps and cries to no end. Still if you leave she will find a way to get into rooms that don't have the door shut all the way. She won't even go outside unless you stand and watch, or go with. So the vet says she has extreme seperation anxiety. Suggested putting her on Prozac. Still, she said that would not cure her, but make her more suseptible to accept detachment. Since that is a bit pricy, I decided to try amatryptaline (sp??). We will give that a month and see what happens.
    They both go out to the dog run, or parks to run atleast twice a day. About a 2 miles hike through the dog park. Usually on the long walks/runs, Chloe will begin to limp, her back right leg. Dr. suggested the same joint medication my husband takes from GNC..expensive.
    Now...we need to work on seperation anxiety. Any advice?
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    I've heard of the doggy prozac (although I think they use a different rx name for the dog's version)- anyway, I've never tried it on mine but I read about it in a vet's magazine. It said that sometimes it was a preferable option over medications that just sedate the dog- no it won't cure, just like for our difficult child's, it is supposed to bring their mood back into a normal realm.
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    We used to give our first difficult child dog St. Johns Wort for dogs. We bought it at the health good store Wild Oats, which is now Whole Foods. It helped a bit.

    My sister bought glucosamine and crushed up the pills and put them in her dog's dogfood each day and it seemed to help him a lot.

    And for pain, depending on your dog's size, you can give them baby aspirin. We give our 21 lb pups St. Joseph's baby aspirin when they are in pain.
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    You can't give a dog amytriptiline. It's bad for their kidneys. Maybe the doctor will rx for you at a pharmacy or online where you can get the medications cheaper. Prozac is available in a generic. I have used 1800petmeds, and They are both very reasonable. Much more so than the vet's office. But, I would do a google on "buy+dog+prozac+price" and see who offers the best price. Be sure to consider shipping.

    Good luck with the dog.
  5. Star*

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    Benadryl - 100 ct. pills OTC at Walmart or Dollar General - VERY CHEAP.

    My dog takes 6 tabs a day - it knocks him out. No long term adverse effects.

    Plain old, knock the dog out for a while and make him drowsy human Benadryl.

    I laughed at the doggie prozac - because in high school drugs were called -
    Puppy Uppers and Doggie Downers -
    Benadryl is a doggie downer
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    I've heard of it. We had a chocolate lab with severe separation anxiety and they put her on some anxiety medications - can't remember what they were. They normally started out once a day, but they only had to see her once to start her out twice a day. It didn't make a difference. She exhibited the same things you described.

    There is some specific training you can do - you may want to contact a local trainer, explain the situation and see if they think they can help. For example, our dog knew when I got the keys that we were leaving and she would get all worked up. So, we worked on desensitizing...I would get my keys often and not leave. That kind of thing.
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    Prozac can be gotten in a 1 month supply at WalMart for $4, I believe. It is quite helpful. I don't read mags about these things, but I do know that our vet does prescribe it and recommend WalMart or a local grocery with similar low priced generics.

    I would say benadryl would help. I wish sometimes I could give it to my bro's dog. Very Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but bro is the "no medications" kind.

    There is a medication for dogs that is for joint issues, but is very pricey. My aunt, who works for a vet, recommends baby aspirin. Our doxie took 1/2 a baby aspirin every other day. Vet was fine with this. There are other side effects from the other medication.

    Hope your doggies feel well and happy!

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    I really need to get my glasses upgraded. I thought your post said "anyone here ON doggie Prozac".:tongue:
  9. Suz

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    I think doggie prozac is quite common, actually.

    It amazes me how many people illnesses also affect our fuzzbutts. Miss Molly takes valium when there are thunderstorms (or firecrackers). And Chelsea took people thyroid medication for years.

    I hope you find what's right for your pooch. :)

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    The script the vet gave us IS for amytriptiline. Twice a day. Vet also gave me a DVD with a book on how we need to work with her.

    Kenzie is scheduled to be spade on Wednesday.

    Chloe's blood tests came back. Here she was diagnosis'd with Hypothyroidism (low thyroid) thus the weight gain...but her levels came back extremely high. So she should NOT be gaining weight. Her medications have been adjusted, and vet suggested a specific food. If that doesn't work a prescription food..if that doesn't work there is medication to surpress appetite. I don't think it is so much the appetite as all the treats and people food she gets. She leaves her food and is just so darn cute, and does so many tricks for you just can't resist giving her a "taste". Well, now all that has to stop and poor cuddly thing doesn't know why. She has to lose weight or her joints will hurt more.