Anyone heard of/read this book....


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Have you ever heard of/read, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" by Balch and Balch?

My son's chiropractor recommended it. Has anyone heard of it? Do you recommend it?


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I love books like that! I think we may have that one around the house somewhere.
I love the references and the ease of looking up indiv. remedies and foods.
I just looked it up on Amazon, and one reviewer criticized it for pushing near-vegetarian diets and too many carbs. That's not good for kids, especially. You really shouldn't be a vegetarian until you're in your 20s when your body can handle it and when you can read diretions and figure out supplements.

At any rate, I love books and that looks like a good ref. bk. so I'd recommend it. Once you look it over and memorize parts, you can converse with-your chiro more knowledgably.

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I have this book! It's really great because it offers MANY natural alternatives including diet preventatives as well as diet changes for acuteness of symptoms. It offers aromatherapy, accupressure, homeopathic, etc. It's a book worth having, in my opinion. I use it all the time!