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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by happymomof2, Mar 8, 2008.

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    James Lehman? I ran across an infomercial this morning called The Total Transformation by James Lehman. Only got in on the last few minutes of it. Of course he was spouting off how he can help you take control of the situation and have peace back in your home.

    I googled it to find out the price and it said 3 easy payments of 109. Kind of expensive to me, but if it worked of course it would be way worth it.

    Anyone tried it? Heard of it?
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    I have heard the commercials on the radio, and it may be a good program, BUT like with anything else, it is dependent on using it and staying consistent. I honestly think that it's probably the same type of program as all the books we have read about difficult children and how to turn them around, just in a C.D. or DVD format. I don't think I'll waste my money on it. Just my two cents...Here's to a (hopefully) quiet, productive Saturday with our 'fun filled' children! :laughing:
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    I had a nice (and my usual wordy self) reply here. But I lost it.

    I have not paid much attention to this after a parent I knew from a support group said that it just was like any other program. It worked for about a month and then her child stopped responding to it. LIke any other system she set up with the tdocs.

    I did look at it at the time, can't really remember what it said. I have heard people iwth PCs say it is fabulous and wonderful. Have not heard any parents of difficult children say this after a few months had passed.

    Sorry if someone here is using it and having great luck. I am not aware of it, but I don't always remember everything.

    It certainly has not been mentioned with the freqency of The Explosive Child or Love and Logic. Many of us are still using these years after we began using them.