Anyone here have experience with Lyme Disease?

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  1. easy child is in the middle of a thru Appalachian Trail Hike. He made it to Washington, D.C. for the 4th, and spent a week with some college friends. When he got back on the trail, he noticed that he was aching and tired, but he attributed it to being off the trail for a few days. Then he met up with some other hikers on the trail, and one of them pointed out a "bulls eye" rash on his leg. Fortunately, he was close to a town, and he was amazingly able to make an appointment with a doctor there within a few hours (thank you I-phone!). She immediately diagnosed Lyme Disease , and prescribed antibiotics, which he picked up at a nearby pharmacy. She told him that he should start feeling better in a couple of days , maybe as a long as a week.

    easy child is staying in a trail hostel right now, trying to rest. I spoke with him yesterday, and he's bored, and wants to get moving back on the trail. Of course, this worries me to death. Has anyone here had Lyme Disease? How long did your recovery take? I hate to discourage him, but I really am worried about him - and I hate that he's so far away from us and civilization....

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    My daughter has Lyme Disease. Hers went untreated and has been difficult to get rid of.

    My mother had it, got antibiotics, and has never had a problem.

    I hope your son got at least a couple of weeks of doxycycline. I've read some doctors only give one pill and I would be concerned about this.

    The most important thing for you to know is that if he never gets back to himself after finishing his antibiotics, he should research the whole Lyme Disease controversy and think about treatment from a doctor who believes in "chronic Lyme" and not "post-Lyme syndrome". New fatigue, cognitive problems, and mental problems, as well as the well-known joint pain problems could be from Lyme.

    The doctors that treat chronic Lyme believe lingering symptoms are the result of continued infection and that there are other infections that might be transmitted by the tick. These doctors will give more antibiotics until symptoms are gone. Many of them or a family member had Lyme themselves, so they have seen this work.

    The prevailing view is that after you take your antibiotics, your Lyme is gone, even if you still have symptoms, and now you have "post-Lyme syndrome" caused by damage to your body from the Lyme.

    Have him take a picture of the rash, if it is still there.

    I think since he caught it early, that his chances are good for a full recovery.
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    Fortunately, I have avoided Lyme Disease. Apparently, it is not as common in this area as it is farther north. I'm sure you are concerned.
    He probably is already somewhat worn out from the long hike and it may take him a bit more time. Maybe he can call the dr. who prescribed
    medications and seek out the physicians opinion about what to do next. If the Dr. gives him the ok then he can move on.
    Congratulations on your son reaching his goal for the 4th of July. I think it is just awesome and wish I were able to do something along those lines.
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    My best friend picked up Lyme's about ten years ago when hiking in Virginia. She was physically/mentally fit and about 55 at the time. Her recovery (sorry to say) took months. Perhaps there is a better medication regiment now
    but she was unable to work etc. for quite some time. Crossing fingers easy child has quicker results. DDD
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    I recently completed a round of antibiotics for lymes.
    I am still feeling tired and have joint pain though it has improved.
    I was told that it often takes longer for the initial symptoms to subside after starting an antibiotic and that once lymes is in your system you can have lifelong flareups of symptoms. However I know people who are treated and then fine. I asked my dr to retest me and she said that I will always test positive, that I have to just be aware of flareups and with my fibro and perimenopause symptoms it is difficult to differentiate between them which symptoms are related to what, Know what I mean??

    It is important for your son to get plenty of rest and never miss a dose of his medicine. I hope he feels better!
  6. Thanks for your responses everyone!

    easy child did get a prescription for two weeks of doxycycline. I feel certain he will take it all, as he wants to get well soon! The doctor that he saw told him that his body would let him know what he can and cannot tolerate. I know that's true , but easy child is a driven guy. I pray he listens...

    Hope, I did encourage him to take a photo of the rash (thank goodness for the I-phone!) and he has taken a couple. I've read a lot of horror stories about Lyme Disease in the past, so I believe we need to keep a good record of his treatment - and he promised to mail me the paperwork he got from the doctor as soon as he can. I've encouraged him to follow up with another doctor if he doesn't feel well after he completes the antibiotic course. It's kind of dicey because he's a young, invincible guy..... But we'll keep encouraging him to stay the course.

    Fran, we are very proud of him. He had a dream, made a plan, and is working to follow through with it. We had never expected this behavior from him, and we are so impressed. I just hope that he doesn't let his goal get in the way of safeguarding his health!
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    I hope he perks up soon. I'll keep my fingers crossed that he is feeling better.