Anyone in FL I can ask about neuropsychologists?

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    I am wondering, if its ok in these forums to do so, if anyone can help guide or point me to finding an excellent neuropsychologist in Florida. I ask because I am interested in, as has been suggested to me, seeing someone from a University or childrens hospital as they seem to be more up on the latest research etc. I googled neuropsychology florida university and only got University of Florida dept. of neuropsychiatry. I dont really want (I dont think) to see a psychiatrist, I wanted to see a neuropsychologist. who can help us determine if my son has a neurological problem, psychatric problem, or both. And not just throw some medications at us. Hence I am wondering if anyone here is from FL or even knows of any university related neuropsychologist's? I am not asking for people's locations in FL, their personal info etc, and I understand if this cant be posted in replies, maybe I can receive private messages about this. Its hard to just flip through the phone book and randomly chose a private practiioner and spend tons of money, Id rather go to someone associated with a university. Any ideas, help or even search ideas is appreciated. Maybe Im not searching google correctly. Thanks so much.
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    Here are some sites to check out... I just Googled "florida children's hospitals" and also did a search with "neuropsychology" tacked onto that. You'll need to scroll down to the neuropsychology listings on the first two pages:

    I don't know where you are in relation to these facilities, but maybe try calling the one closest to you and see what they have to say about your difficult child's situation. Even if you aren't close, they might be able to refer you to someone in your area.

    Good luck!
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    Welcome!! We do have at least one member here who lives in Fl- maybe she will see this and respond tomorrow. Neuropsychs are great for testing weaknesses and aiding in a diagnosis for a person. If you think there might be a neurological problem, I would also suggest a neurologist and most of them are good- your pediatrician could recommend a neurologist, then the neurologist could recommend a neuropsychologist for testing. The difference with them is that the neurologist is a physician, but most neuropsychs are Phd level psychologists- they are not doctors. It just depends on what kind of problem(s) you are trying to check into. I've had my son tested by both so I do think it's valid when you have no idea and want to cover all the bases. Afterwards, I learned that the child & adolescent certified psychiatrist (also a doctor) that my son sees was also trained in neurology so I probably didn't need the neurologist after all, but I still felt better knowing my son was evaluation'd by all of them. The neuropsychologist testing is important even if you need a dr of some sort for the diagnosis because the neuropsychologist tests will reveal specific weaknesses in areas that will help treat the child and know how to accommodate him/her at school.
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    Hi, if you are in south florida, there's not mental health system better than the Henderson Health system. It's a leader in the country in mental health. difficult child's mother is psychotic bipolar, the kind that made her one of those homeless people wandering the streets talking to god. They kept her stable for and pretty much hallucination free for about 2 years. Google them. The drawback is that they only take medicaid, so if you have insurance, they won't touch you. Also they only will take on a patient for 2 years--after two years a medicaid patient goes on medicare, and is no longer eligible.

    I know an excellent neuropsychologist associated with Nova Southeastern U. He's nationally known, specialized in boys, and has a couple book written. PM me for the name if you want. He's outside Ft Lauderdale.
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    What part of South Florida are you in...Dade or Broward county?

    Nova Southeastern Univ. has their own clinic.

    The children's hospital in Miami is said to be very good.

    I have some general can pm me.
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    I'm a Floridian who lives in the middle of the State away from the big cities. When I needed a neuropsychologist a few years ago I called Pediatricians, Psychiatrists and the Special Education Dept of the school board. I asked each if they knew of an excellent person...anywhere in Florida.
    I ended up going to Sarasota and felt that the results were professional. Good luck. DDD