Anyone know about skin conditions?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mstang67chic, Feb 28, 2008.

  1. mstang67chic

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    My left hand has had the oddest sensations on and off today and I'm not sure what to do about it. It's only mainly on the skin of my index and middle finger from the middle knuckle to part way down my hand and some on my thumb. When it first started, it was just in my index finger and there was a tingly and burning feeling. (Skin only) Also that feeling extended in a thin straight line up my finger. It felt like a cross between pins and needles after your hand falls asleep and the burn you feel once your hand warms up after being really cold. Now it's doing the same thing in my middle finger, minus the line up the finger. Those two fingers are also noticibly red over the affected area. When I straighten the fingers out all of the way, the skin around that middle knuckle whitens out like it does if you press on a sunburn.

    I should also mention that one of my jobs involves being outside somewhat. I go to 10 different schools a day so I'm in and out all day, loading a dolly and wheeling it in. At first I thought it might be from the cold or wind but today wasn't really bad and this is the first it's done this. Once I'm inside awhile, it subsides but the minute I am outside, it starts hurting again. I also racked my brain, but I can't think of anything different that I've come into contact with today. But if I had, wouldn't it be all over my hands and not contained to one area?

    I put lotion on my hands when I got home as they are really dry anyway and today didn't help much. It helped the dry feeling but didn't do anything for the (lack of a better term) rash.

    Anyone have anything like this?
  2. tiredmommy

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    It could be the beginning of frostbite.
    Do you get hives? Any swelling under the skin? Some people get hives from the cold.
    Any other seemingly unrelated physical changes?
  3. mstang67chic

    mstang67chic Going Green

    That's one of the things husband said but it's weird. Today was no colder than any other day, in fact I've been out on much colder days with no problems. As for the rash, it almost looks like I've got a good case of windburn going. Which I did consider but I would think that would be all over the hand and not just parts of two fingers. It's just so odd. It's been over an hour since the hand was exposed to cold (no wind, just cold) and it's still hurting a little bit.

    And no, no other changes or hives. The only other times I've ever gotten hives were from allergic reactions and heat.

    I guess I'll see what it looks/feels like tomorrow and go from there. I've got some Aloe gel, maybe that will do something.
  4. GoingNorth

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    Well, the area you describe is served by the radial nerve, so it could be a result of handling boxes.

    The radial nerve also supplies the sympathetic nerves in that area, so could actually cause redness, swelling, etc.
  5. Sue C

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    I have eczema on a few of my fingers. It doesn't tingle but it hurts, burns, itches, looks red. I got an antibiotic ointment from the dermatologist which kinda helps but even that doesn't take it all away.

    You could try looking up eczema and see if it sounds like you might have that. I know the cold and dry air makes mine worse. I rarely get it in summer. Or do a search on skin conditions.

    If it persists or worsens, you should probably see your doctor or a dermatologist.

  6. susiestar

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    I think it sounds like a nerve problem. Going North is usually pretty much on the ball. If it is a nerve problem, then somewhere the nerve is pinched or irritated. Until the nerve is happier, it will probably stay. My neck problems always show up with a sudden hand issue, then I figure out it is a nerve thing.
  7. Star*

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    I was thinking you've damaged the nerves somehow too. But in the event it's a skin (something or other) I would get a cotton glove, wash my hand with Dove mild soap, and keep the glove on.

    Chemical dermatitis can affect only some fingers - or some parts of the hand you may have touched some kind of cleaner and not even known it. I have heard of people having the sweat glands in their hands clog, and cause psoriasis like rashes - but maybe try the glove, some mild unscented soap and a cotton glove for a few days.
  8. Abbey

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    Tough one. Growing up in South Dakota, we had a lot of FREEZE. I had terrible hands and feet. I used to go to bed with baggies on all four with medicine in them. I don't really think it had an impact as I was always out in the cold and wind. I sometimes think the wind was worse. Sounds like you are just too cold!!

    Nerve issues tend to lend themselves to twitching, etc.

    Oddly enough, about 25 years ago I had my middle finger severed at the middle knuckle and reatached with a new joint and redoing all my tendons in the hand. How did I find I had this problem? I keep dropping whatever I was drinking. Ok...I was in college and partying. I keep thinking I just drank too much.

    In the end, it was breaking that finger when I was in 3rd grade and it never healed correctly. My family was NOT of going to the doctor so it was pretty bad by the time they finally caved in and took me. It just never healed correctly. I'd say it was about at a 30 degree angle. Ugh. Never really regained full use of that finger, but who needs it anyways? Don't flip off too many people these days.

    Hope you find some help soon!!