Anyone like Geodon?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MICHL, May 19, 2009.

  1. MICHL

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    I never read anything good about Geodon. Just wondering if anyone had success on this with their difficult children? My difficult child is 14, but we did a short trial of Geodon years ago, and he went a little biserk on it, so we stopped it. Just wondering if maybe we should try it again. difficult child was on Abilify and did fine, then changed to Risperidone and also fine, but he's eating everything in sight and won't stop. Starting to get obese. Thanks in advance
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    Why are you changing both medications? Abilify is weight neutral, the risperdal is what is causing the increase in appetite. If it did not work before, I would be leary of trying it again. What about leaving the abilify in place and switching the risperdal for something else? Just curious.
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    He also ate alot on abilify, maybe about the same as on Risperidone. I'm probably not going to try him on the Geodon again since it didn't work years ago. Thanks for your reply.
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    Just wanted to chime in and say that Geodon has worked for my difficult child when many other medications did not. Abilify was ineffective for my son at lower doses and higher doses caused a lot of drooling and cognitive dulling for my son. I hope you find the right medication/combo for you son.
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    As far as I know, geodon and abilify are the most weight neutral ap's. Not sure where seroquel falls on the weight gain scale. Good luck, and I hope you find something that works with minimal to no side effects.
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    Geodon did nothing for difficult child except make him crawl out of his skin. It is a new fav amongst psychiatrists however. I am not sure why. Zyprexa and Risperdal are the worst for medication weight gain. Seroquel is a little better for some - and it is more affective in mood stability in my opinion. Has he tried Seroquel?
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    From what I've read, here's how weight gain stacks up for APs, from most to least:


    However, Abilify and Geodon may have more problems with efficacy, from what I've heard anecdotally.
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    Our kids all have different rates of success or failure on various medications/it's all bio chemical. I have nothing either positive nor negative to say about this medication just wanted to remind you of the personal reactions to medications.

    Saying that, I'd take an overweight "functional" difficult child over a thin out of control. Once your difficult child is on the right track & functioning then you can work on eating healthy, exercise & portion control. It's what we have done with kt (whose been on seroquel forever). Once we saw a level of stability we pushed the healthy eating & exercise & it's made a huge difference.

    medications are a grand experiment in terror ~ it takes time to hit the right combination. Once you've hit the right medication combo then the behavioral interventions begin ~ our difficult children need to unlearn the responses & antics they used before the medications started taking effect.
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    Wow, I could not agree more
    Linda I could not agree more. Do you mind if I save this? It is a great description of how I feel about medication changes.
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    Thanks for all your replies. Risperdal seems to be working fine so far, and difficult child had a huge appetite on Abilify also. I think we trialed Seroquel before, but I'm not sure as it was too long ago.
  11. Geodon has worked great for my son. Any time there is a medication change, he's very sleepy for a few days and then he evens back out. The Geodon has worked where nothing else did before.

    The most important thing is eating with Geodon. The medication is metabolized much better through the system with the food. Not eating with Geodon can reduce it's efficacy by half. Seems like most docs miss this.

    If what you are doing, it's important to think twice before switching. But Geodon has worked well for us.