Anyone looking for new makeup or makeup bargains?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Eyes Lips Face is now my favorite makeup brand! They are very inexpensive (dare I say cheap?) and the quality is at least as good as drugstore brands if not far better,

    They have several lines and their products are now being mentioned in magazines as excellent bargains.

    Jessie's favorite items are the concealer pencil with brush that is awesome for acne - it has tea tree oil in it! and the mineral eyeshadows.

    I LOVE the eyeshadow primer! It makes eyeshadow stay almost as well as the Estee Lauder double wear line does and feels far less cakey. I also really enjoy their 3 in 1 sticks - they are a cream stick that can be blush, lipstick or eyeshadow. At just a buck they are perfect for the purse.

    Right now they have several sales going on. I am not sure of the expiration dates on these deals though.

    Free Mini Makeup collection with $20 purchase - code FREEMINI - this has 27 items - 9 powder eyeshadow, 1 cream eyeshadow, 1 blush, 1 bronzer, 10 lipgloss shades, 1 brow powder, 1 eye liner pencil, 1 dual ended eyeshadow applicator and brush, 1 face brush and 1 lip brush.

    This is a $15 value

    Free Nail Polish - get 3 free nail polishes and 1 nail block with purchase of 3 nail polish, code EGNP3

    50% off Mineral Makeup - with $15 purchase - a great deal! They have fairly nice brushes also. Not top of the line, but nice. I really like the big kabuki brush - I use it for baby powder on my body.

    50% off Studio Line - with $20 purchase - Expires April 15. All of their brushes are in this line, and they have nicer makeup than the regular line.

    I bought their biggest "all in one" kit - the Master Makeup Collection (reg $40) last time they had this sale. I LOVE it. I needed to change to matte eyeshadow because my upper lids are very droopy, and they have most of the ones they make in this kit. It was cheaper than buying the ones I wanted, and I got LOTS of extra stuff. As long as you leave the sides closed over the lipgloss the powders stay out of them pretty well.

    I have not tried any products I don't like from this line. Between jessie's purchases and the ones I made this year when I replaced all of my makeup because it was elderly, we have tried almost all of their items except mascara. The eyeliner pens that are like felt tip pens are especially nice!

    Anyway, just thought I would throw this out. Target carries some of their products but doesn't have this sale.
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    You know, I don't think I know what most of the stuff is that you're describing. I really feel like a "not so good at the girly stuff" person. Do they have a website that you can look at? I could use some new eyeliner. I do have a confession: I've never known about concealer, powder, coverup, foundation or any of those things. In my life I've only owned/used: eyeliner, mascara, blush (which I use for eye shadow) and I had lipstick once (but my teeth are tetracycline stained so any type of lipstick or gloss makes them look really grayish - BADLY!).

    Anyone know where I can get instructions - you know at the ripe-old age of 46?

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    I am not a girly girl either.. I never learned that stuff.. but I want to. At 35. lol!

    I'll look into this brand, Susie, thanks! :D I like the idea of mineral/natural make up. I still have breakouts bad!