Anyone near Anaheim, CA?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterby, Jul 29, 2010.

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    easy child and DF are there visiting DF's father whom she hasn't seen in over 11 years. I think all is not quite so well in paradise.

    I just got a phone call from easy child from outside of Disneyland saying they think they just bought illegal tickets and they don't know what to do. It seems DF's father took them to this place where he had easy child and DF buy 2 tickets. After they paid the money, they were told not to show the tickets to *anyone*, especially the surveyors. Then DF's dad dropped them off on the road in front of the park and left (for work or something? he wasn't sure). I asked easy child how much the tickets were, and he said $55 each. I told him that they were illegal.

    I got on the website and found that a one day park hopper ticket was $97 and they had a 6 day park hopper ticket. Those normally go for over $200 each.

    By this time, DF was crying. easy child decided to get real tickets for the day so they could still go to the park. I asked him how the rest of the trip has been (they just got there Tuesday night) and he said, "Ok. Weird."

    They'd had enough money that they could get a hotel room if they needed, but I think this expense has ruined that. I let them know if they needed to change their tickets to come home sooner and it cost money to do so that they would be taken care of.

    I just wondered if there was anyone close by that could give them safe haven until they could get a flight if that should happen? Or if you know of a safe place they can go? This has me on edge.
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    Ohhhhh me! Me.....I'm like.....(googles) 1584 miles. :tongue:
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    Maybe they could just stay at the airport? What was that movie with Tom Hanks? Seriously though, my sister had to stay over at thr airport and they put somebody in charge of watching her,and had somewhere safe for her to sleep.
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    They flew into LA and I'm not sure how far they are from the airport. They couldn't get a rental car because of their age.
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    Geez, Heather I wish I'd seen this earlier. I could have picked them up. I've been at the hospital with my dad all this week and not checking the board much. Are they okay now?
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    If they still have the tickets and can give some idea of where they got them (or give them either the seller or DF's dad's name, with or without DF knowing it), Disney might refund their $$ or let them have another day.

    Disney used to do this anyway. The time share vacation thingys used to use this hook ALL the time and have a few real tickets and a bunch of forgeries. If anyone in law enforcement asked them, they could show the real ones and hide the fakes. Several friends who worked at DisneyWorld in FL told stories about this.

    I am sorry the trip isn't all they expected it to be.
  7. flutterby

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    Things seem to be ok. I won't know the full story until they get home and can talk to easy child away from DF. DF's father is a difficult child, no doubt.

    Thank you, G, but you have enough on your plate. I wouldn't have asked you to take this on right now.

    They are coming home Monday night on an overnight flight.