Anyone Shop at Sports Authority??

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    Sports Authority is asking for donations of used sporting goods equipment to help kids get active. If you have any outgrown sports equipment they will take it off of your hands. don't forget that many junior high and high school kids wear adult sizes, so if you have old gear of your own it could also find a new home.

    And you will get a whole new space full of empty where the gear used to be stored!!!

    If you have football gear to donate they will give you a $10 Sports Authority Gift Card in exchange for your gear. I think you only get the card if you donate football gear or NFL merchandise, but they do accept donations of gear for other sports - or they show it on their commercials.

    This website has all of the info:

    If you don't have Sports Authority near you and you want to donate gear, try freecycle or contact the local organization for that sport. Even if they don't say anything about having some equipment for those who cannot afford it, most groups keep some and pass it on to those who need it.