Anyone still watching the Jody Arias trial?


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I cant stop!

Its like some sort of fascinating train wreck that you know is about to happen but you simply cant stop watching.

Actually I have learned quite a bit. I know now that we will have two more defenses used in criminal cases. The Casey Anthony defense and the Jody Arias defense. The Arias defense is basically a filibuster defense with portions of the Anthony defense thrown in along with you can say anything is self defense as long as you have sex and then pretend to forget the act. "Its all foggy!" Then get a quack for hire who claims that sex can cause ptsd and memory loss and you are good to go!

I bet a ton of men out there are running with the "sex caused memory loss" excuse now. Gee honey, I dont remember cheating on you. I have memory loss!

Now we have this woman who is an expert in domestic violence. I actually thought she started off well. Problem is there is no domestic violence in the relationship. Kinky sex? Yes. Weird relationship. Yes. Were they probably a couple who were bed buddies more than building a true relationship..yep. Every time I hear her say something about how Travis just led her on and her feelings got hurt I think of that movie...He's just not that into you. Does that translate into abuse and mean she should kill him? If so, most boyfriends would be dead.



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I'm like an addict, I can't stop watching this. Even at 4am when I wake up, Dr. Drew is on from the night before with whatever I missed.

This lady on the stand is started out strong for the defense.....if there was such a possibility. Now, it's just a waste of time and annoying, she's making herself seem dumb. She blindly believed everything Jodi said, and bases her statements on those lies. She seems to hate men.

I can't wait until the prosecution starts calling witnesses, this lady is saying nothing that matters. I wonder if the jury is as bored of her as I am.

Jodi has never told one bit of truth, does anyone believe her? I thought Casey A was going to jail forever and she went home. I followed Cindy Anthony on twitter just to see what Casey A was up to. Cindy recently stated that The National Enquirer was going to be paying Casey so much money she would be taken care of forever. Casey went to court and claimed bankruptcy after this tweet, I guess she didn't want the money until after she made all her bills go away.


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No, I am not "still watching" but last night I couldn't find anything on TV and there on HLN (I think that's what it is called) it was absolutely ridiculous. They had a mock jury and posed the question "Is Jody A User?" WTH??? Their stated point was that she has had FOUR SIXTEEN years that she was attached to and evidently often lived with. Big Deal! She shared expenses. She worked. She had sex. Goodness Gracious...I think the whole thing is absolutely ridiculous! Vinnie and Jeanne and the "gang" really had to stretch to come up with that program.

I have not watched the trail. I've seen snippets. She "presents" well. She is intelligent and attractive and evidently hard working. I'm not getting the point. Everyone seems to agree (for all I know she said so herself) that she did kill the man. He...or he and she...had weird sex. What a shock in 2012. Obviously I am not well informed but that program last night chapped me off. I gather that her former lovers thinks she is fine. Perhaps there is something different with the deceased but in my humble opinion (and uninformed opinion) if three out of four think she's fine then likely something snapped with the last guy. I don't see a pattern. DDD

PS: I abhor redundancy and particularly networks who milk and milk situations for ratings.


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Ummm....DDD, I think you should have watched from the She has admitted to killing him but she now claims it was self defense after first saying she wasnt there and then changing that to being there but two ninja's did it and she watched while a gun was held to her head and they took her license and told her if she told anyone they would come kill her. What a crock. She really did do it. She stabbed him 29 times, slashed his throat so badly she almost decapitated him and then shot him in the head for good measure. That is evidenced by the coroners report.

I dont much care about what the reporters say. I do like that I can watch the live feed of the trial on HLN. I got to hear the unedited version of the sex tapes that way and boy were they something to hear. For her to act like she is little miss innocent, poor Travis made me do all these things...blah blah blah...that is so much garbage. She was right there with him egging him on telling him how much she liked everything and having just as much "fun" if you get my drift on the phone as he was. You can hear her sweating and moaning. Like a porn star. If it was fake, she should be in the movies. Of course we know she lies. There is no doubt about it..Jody lies.

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You can watch every day of the trial so far on You Tube. Am addicted even though I swore I would never watch another trial after Casey's. Jamie has hooked up my work computer to my own easy child, and I listen to it all day long via WildaboutTrials.

They are playing her mother and fathers interviews with the detective. They even thought there was something wrong with her, but for some reason that is not being shown in court.

I don't know how Wilmont gets to weave a tale of what went down between the two based on the tales of a pathalogical liar?? Samuels already testified as to her diagnosis, one being a personality disorder not otherwise specified. Why did Martinez not jump on that?? SO after watching her testify turned to me and said who does she sort of remind you of (meaning my eldest-the ease of how she lies made the hair on my neck stand straight up) Am not buying the PTSD with the "total" abscence of memories not ever being formed. I always though people who suffered this had flashbacks. (am not buying the fog either for that matter)

If not premedited, why buy gas cans, why rent a car and specify you don't want a flashy red one (one that is most likely to be noticed instead of a white car where there are tons of white ones in my neighborhood I would probably notice a red one). Why buy suntan lotion (that was on the receipts but found it curious no one mentioned it).

Yeah, am hooked - I think I missed my calling.. LOL



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Martinez can't jump on any diagnosis because the jury will feel she has a problem and spare her life.


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Having ptsd myself, along with having been abused, I am about LIVID with most of this quackery. However what really got me the most was when Dr Quack Samuels got on the stand and said that you cant lose memories that you already have but you can end up in this so called fog stuff from either being dunked in hot and cold water or simply sex!

Now trust me on this one, people can and do lose memories every day that they already had. I still havent recovered the memories from October and September 2008. That was caused by the meningitis and not because I killed someone!


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But then again Janet, if you dunk yourself in hot or cold water........a fog may overtake you and Buck might disappear. I hope they call her dad to testify. He said in his interview Jody told him she had a gun. He asked what for and she said she will need it where she's going. He asked where she was going and Jody told him it was none of his business. Did anyone else see that? It was yesterday.

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I only catch a moment here or there if I happen to be watching the news. This "trial" is a 3 ring circus, or am I the only one who thinks so?

They showed her parents interviews with police yesterday. Broke my heart.

As for her? She is very fortunate I'm not on the jury. It would be a very secure hospital for the criminally insane, from which she'd never be released, or prison time/death penalty. This woman is a major danger to society.

But no, you don't get to admit to killing someone "in self defense" and then oh, by the way I "forget" that I stabbed them mult times and slit their throat. Not buying the domestic violence part. Nor the self defense part. That is just mucking up the waters trying to get her a lighter sentence at best.