Anyone talk to or cyber talk to Janna?


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Things were pretty hectic when she was here last, I believe her oldest was coming home. Just wondering if anyone had heard from her lately and how she and the boys were doing.



Mom? What's a difficult child?
I was just wondering how she was doing today??? Janna if you are out there, we hope you are doing well!!!

I've been wondering how Janna is too!!! I've been concerned also because, like you said, she had so much going on the last time she was here...

I hope things are going well and she is just toooooo BUSY to let us know!!! WFEN


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Hi Ladies,

I'm sorry I haven't been around. Thanks, Lothlorien, for letting me know this is here. If you hadn't told me, I would not have known.

I have been super busy, yes. With the end of the school year coming, IEP meetings and still planning reunification with difficult child, I'm working really hard.

The kids are all doing pretty well. We are still playing around a bit with Dylan's dosages, although the medications themselves haven't changed. Little too many side effects from the high dose of Abilify, so he's down to 10 mg., still doing the Lithium, maintaining with the Concerta. We started DDAVP again, one more try LOL, for the enuresis. Hoping it'll work this time.

easy child is doing fantastic on his Concerta. NO problems with him in quite a while. Just had another heart check, too, and all looks great.

difficult child, well, the goal is still reunification, but we struggle still. A letter was sent out yesterday to the CPS caseworker by my attorney. We are becoming more and more concerned with the current foster mother. It is believed she is not working toward the goal of reunification, but rather steering my son toward not coming home at all. He has a court ordered, scheduled visit with us this weekend, and is also scheduled to work. We cannot accomodate his work schedule as we have plans, and I told him he cannot work. So, he has decided to not visit instead, and work. If he doesn't meet me at the pick up spot for the weekend, we will go back to court. We have stopped giving him a choice. He has none. He is coming home and that's the end of it. Tough sh*t if he doesn't like it anymore.

So, that's the big scoop from here. I am dealing with each incident, each child as it comes at me. I'm exhausted every second of my life, but still going somehow. I feel good about Dylan today. He has been great. Helping in the garden, doing extra chores (he's saving for a CD he wants), very lovable this week. Still issues, still therapy, still counseling, but things are okay. It could be 1,000 times worse.

My regular email is in my profile, and if anyone wants to say hi to me, I do not mind. I'm sorry I can't get here like I want to, but try to check my email every other day at least. If you want to message me there, it's okay :smile:

Thanks for the concern. Hope everyone is good!



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glad to hear from you and that you checked in with us. Sometimes it seems that our lives, especially with young difficult children at home, while speeding by never changes!