anyone use phone cards these days?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ctmom05, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. ctmom05

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    We're trying to trim costs wherever we can. This may include letting go of our unlimited home phone plan and going with a pay as you go phone card.

    These days I know that most folks use cell phones or various other unlimited home phone plans, but does anyone have a particular land line phone card that they would suggest?
  2. Janna

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    We don't, but we use Vonage. I love them. It's 24.99 a month, unlimited, countrywide - that's it. I know that may seem pricey, but compared to local phone service (we had Embarq and I was paying close to 60.00 a month), it's well worth it. Hooks right up to your internet connection (cable or DSL). They're online, and they give you a free month when you sign up.
  3. Kjs

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    I have a pay as you go cell phone. two kids and hubby have a cell service. For as little as I use my cell phone, I can't see a plan with all the zillion taxes.

    sorry, I didn't know they even still did that. Lol
  4. Abbey

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    I don't have a land line. I have at any given time a good 6 or so cells on my plan. (business) I don't buy into the buy by the minute plans. It's not really more expensive to have an unlimited plan than pay by the minute. I don't use mine much but others do. It makes it cost worthy.

    I look at it this way. If I don't have a land line, I need some sort of communication, no matter how much I need it. I don't worry about nights and weekends, etc. The only problem was easy child going WAAAAAYYY over minutes, hence his phone being cancelled. Dial responsibly. :tongue:

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    When Wiz has been in the hospital we needed phone cards for him because it was long distance.

    They do still sell them. I always go to the local International Food Store for the best deals. You have to check the charge per call, and per minute. Many cards charge a set amt per call AND a fee per minute of the call. It really pays to shop around.

    It might pay to call the phone co and tell them you are going to cancel the land line and long distance and what will the price for internet be with-o those (if you have internet from the same company). The phone co will then offer you some great deals to keep the land line.

    We have kept our land line because we are in the country and when the power goes out the phone with the cord still works, while the other phones may not. And sometimes our cell towers go out, so having the land line is a security issue. It also counts for a discount on our homeowner's policy. Only having a cell phone and no land line at all is considered a security risk by our homeowner's policy (of course we live in the land of very high winds, so often things go out during storms or just windy days.)

    I hope this works out for you. i suspect you are not the only one to be thinking about this or doing it.

  6. nvts

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    Red Flag here! Worked for 15 years for the phone company and they add all kinds of surcharges when they start getting strapped for cash and they don't tell you (they don't know who you are. Also, if they're lost or stolen you're stink out of luck.

    I see you're in Conn. so you (like me) are paying out the nose for phone, tv and internet. I started to price comparison and I'm looking at the FIOS stuff. So far, I'll be saving about $125 per MONTH by going the FIOS route. The only thing I have to make sure of is that my cell phone would still work in an emergency and the power was out (you lose your phone service because it runs over the electrical lines). Or so I've been told.

    Good luck!