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    I'm hoping that someone that has some knowledge about social security disability can weigh in here I qualified my difficult child last year in FEB. He qualified the first time without any hassle. When he qualified I was told that he would not be eligible after a years time if he stayed in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) that he currently resides at. I was also told that our income was too high for him to remain on disability, if he remained in our custody. Right now he gets a little more than $30 a month. To be honest with you last year we were in such a crisis mode that I didn't really get the details that I needed to have. I thought that once someone qualifies that was it, but I was lead to believe otherwise. Sadly, my difficult child is worse now than he was at this time last year despite all the interventions that he has had. He is a danger to himself and us, he will not be discharged from his Residential Treatment Center (RTC) in the immediate future and when and if he is he will not be able to return home. I know that he should qualify for disability longterm or least I think he should (but common sense doesn't always win in these situations). I don't want to go through the whole process of getting him qualified again if I don't have to but I will do it all again if need be. There is very little that I can do for my difficult child, so I grab onto the small things because they allow me to do something and something is better than nothing. Can anyone give me any advise.
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    When you say disability are you talking SSI? I know family income is used as a basis for SSI. Not sure how that all goes but I guess I've never heard of "short term disability" for a minor, especially one as young as yours.

    Sorry I can't help but just wanted to lend my support.
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    Thanks for the reply. I hate the fact that I didn't understand completely what he qualified for last year but things were so scary and stressful that there were times I didn't know if I was coming or going let alone SSI complexities.
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    I am sure you are talking about SSI and family income is counted for SSI. He should continue to be eligible for SSI and medicaid for those two programs as long as he remains in out of home placement. If and when he returns to your home, they will review his case and your income will be counted. They can continue to keep him approved as disabled on their system but just have him labeled as over parental income so that if he ever goes back into care again, it will be known that he has already been approved and it will kick in faster. Also this will help when he turns 18 and you need to apply for SSI for him as an adult. If he has been approved for SSI as a child, they normally just continue it into adulthood but will request his psychiatrist records plus they can send him to doctors of their own. Normally those doctors will rubber stamp it if his psychiatrist has plenty of documentation to show his disability.