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    I just got home from easy child's 7th grade Back to School Night. In the past I've always dreaded these things bc of his ADHD issues but this one was great. Every single one of his teachers said easy child is doing amazingly well and he's a great kid with an awesome personality. And his reading teacher (who he also had last year) said that whatever we're doing is obviously working bc he's a completely different child this year. Mostly focused, prepared for class, social, self confident, etc. It was SO nice to hear that bc it's a LOT of hard work to keep that child on track. Strict routines, being consistent, therapy, medications, time schedules for everything, etc. But it's working and because of that it's all worth it!!!
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    Sorry- I probably should have posted this under general parenting but in my excitement I posted it here instead. Please forgive :)
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    Great post JKF, you are such a terrific mom. You do all the right things for your sons. I am impressed and proud of you. Great job!
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    Keep up the hard work! I know keeping those routines going can be hard.
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    Good for you but mostly good for difficult child!!! :Way To Go:

    I'll move this over. :)
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    Thanks RE! It's so hard sometimes but so worth it when I get positive feedback. And easy child really is a great kid. He's starting to blossom (is that the word? Is that only for girls??) into a wonderful young man. So handsome and funny! It warms my heart and makes me realize that I am a good mom and I do work hard to make sure my boys will turn out ok.

    Thank you too Lia! It is definitely hard work! I don't know how you do it with 7. I'm a crazy lady with 2 and one doesn't even live at home!! LOL

    And TM - I appreciate it! Thanks for moving this over for me. I've had a long week and wasn't paying attention to where I was posting!!!
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    What a great post! Way To Go easy child!! Isn't it wonderful when our kids come out of their "shells" and really blossom.
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    Thanks for sharing your news! Congrats to both you & easy child and do enjoy the warm feelings- I too know that feeling of dread..still waiting for difficult child to adjust to 7th grade here.