Applying for ssi

So, we are having her admited to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) and applying for SSI. Any pointers? Thanks, Compassion


Mom? What's a difficult child?
I have heard it can be long and lengthy process. Dot all of your I's and cross all of your T's.
having track of her all of records is a bonus also. Good luck!!!
Keep us posted on how it goes and if it is easy or difficult?
I'll be interested.


try and be as complete as you can by the time you have your interview. I was told it would take 6 months. Ours actually took less time (if I would have been notified - long story) anyway, I had our interview in April and they approved in July. We don't get anything because between my income and difficult child's survivors benefits we make too much by about $300, but it is there if he goes inpatient for more than 30 days and if something were to happen to my job.

Good luck


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You can start the application by phone. Call them and make the appointment. Get all of difficult child's records as best you can. Know exactly where she is going to be. If she is going to be in residential, the case will be based on her income. It will still be a lengthy process.
Thanks, it is scary as our insurance doies does cover any residential:acute but not residential. I knwo it will be a long process. We went to a presentatin trough Nami last montha nd I did not think she would qualify until husband retired but they told me at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) that she can get ssi benefits when seh is instulized. I do not want this to bankrupt us so I will need to be firm aobut them doing the retroactive stuff.
She does nsot have a huge papertrail: I don't know if this is good or bad: July 29, 2008is the start of it. I stared filling out the paperwork online yesterday. I kept getting cut off. I also knwo I was very drained emtionally.
I probalby will wait unti nextg week to start it up again.Once she gets it thouch, I am going to utilize services: I want her to have various assessments she has not had :neropysch?language processing. Dealign with her pycotic mana/keeping her safe is a first priority.
It will take time. There is someone there at the faiclty that has/can be helpful.
The p-doctor wante dme to start this last Sept. and then Nov. but I ws in no way ready emtianlly to begin that.


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Both my hubby and my son Elijah get SSI. For hubby, he got approved within a couple months. It took longer for Elijah. I applied online at
Then we got an appointment at our local SS agency to finish the intake. Ten months went by before I heard back from them. Finally he got approved and it went retroactive back to the date we applied. But because he was a minor they broke the ten months of payments he was due in thirds. I had to open what they call a dedicated acount in which only that back due money goes into. It can only be used for education, health related costs, or other things directly related to his disability. They broke his money into three and made installments six months apart. I have to save every receipt because they do check.


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Compassion - my understanding is that once the child is in Residential Treatment Center (RTC), only their income/assets are considered. Also, being ill enough to require Residential Treatment Center (RTC) placement would qualify the child as having a disability. My son has been on SSI since his first Residential Treatment Center (RTC) admission back in 2000.

Also, the child should also then qualify for Medicaid once on SSI.

Good luck - it may not be as bad as you think since she's in placement now.
Thanks, That is my underwstanidng. I have phone intervwie with SS on Tuesday.I called the 600 number and a local rep from our local SS will call. I will have to b ring her SS card,etc. to local office. The most confusing part was what to apply for. I leanred it was SSI, not SSDI. The pateint adocate at her Residential Treatment Center (RTC) told me that she she is oncsidered having no income as she is in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). That will qualify her for Medicaid as the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) takes Medicaid. It may take 60-90 days but expect it to come through. The hospital I have contacted said SS contacts them , it happens many times every day.
I think it gets tricker before they are in Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Comapssion