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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Californiablonde, Feb 6, 2013.

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    With my psychiatrist. I am going to convince him to take me off the Geodon. Basically I have my mind made up and I'm doing it with or without his blessing. I simply can't take it anymore. So hopefully he agrees with me and doesn't give me too hard of a time. Like I said, I am going off it anyway regardless of what he says, but I really need his imput on how to do it safely. I am assuming I will probably have to go off it slowly. The eighteenth is my one week vacation. I plan on being completely off of it by then. That way the horrible withdrawals and lack of sleep, that I am pretty much 100% sure is gonna happen, will not happen while I'm working. Normally every year I get a whole week off for President's birthdays while the kids still have to go to school. Not this year. I am bummed. easy child gets the whole week off of school too. Normally he just gets Monday off but they changed it this year. And difficult child still has school Tuesday through Friday. She is going to freak when she finds out easy child and I will be home and she will have to go to school. Still don't know how I'm going to deal with that. I have a huge feeling she is going to pull the sick card. Ugh! So I usually look forward to this week in February all year cause I get to spend four glorious days at home by myself while the kids are in school. Not this year. But I will manage. Hopefully the withdrawals aren't too horrific. So wish me luck tomorrow. Hopefully psychiatrist doesn't give me any trouble about quitting.
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    And hopefully he can ALSO give you something else that will help with the sleep part of the transition...
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    What will you use now to prevent the mania? Sorry about your time off not being alone time. I enjoyed it so much when summer ended and the kids were back in school!
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    Why? Are you having issues with it?

    You have mentioned several times lately that you are having a very hard time with anxiety. You depend on your mother for support regularly. You seem to be having multiple stressors right now with the apartment, the cat, the difficult child, the Ex, the debt issue, and work.

    What is it that is making you want to get off the medication? Do you think it is causing the issues? Are you planning to replace it with something else?

    I guess I am just concerned that with all that is going on you are making a major change that could make things worse. It seems like you can use all the support you can get since you are in the center of a perfect storm.
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    I have Tardive Diskinesia and if I don't get off it now it could be permanent. My problem is really stressing me out because people keep pointing out my weird facial expressions and twitches and if I don't quit it now I could have it for the rest of my life. So it's urgent that I stop taking it. Not to mention I have been depressed the whole four years I've been taking it and no amount of SSRI's are helping. I have tried all of them. None of them worked. So yes going off the Geodon is imperative for my mental and physical health. As far as the sleeping, good luck with that one. Sleeping pills don't work for me. None of them. So hopefully the sleeplessness will only last a couple of days till my body forces me to sleep.