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    The appointment with the new psychiatrist was today and it went really well! We, including difficult child, really liked her a lot. The appointment was really long and we were there for about 3 hours. You can tell that she really takes her time with her patients and gives them all the time they need which I really like...but the flip side to that is that she will probably be late for most of our appts (She was 40 mins late today...but I think the trade off is worth it for my child to get all the time he needs!). She met with all of us at first and then she spoke with husband and I. She gave us a lot of information and things to think about. No diagnosis today (thank goodness....It would scare if she diagnosis'd him that quick!) He has to go back for a one on one with her and she mentioned something about getting blood work and a CT to rule out any medical issues that could cause any of these symptoms (His other psychiatrist never suggested this.). Then we are hoping that after that appointment she can diagnosis him and then she can come up with a plan for his medications and therapy. She wants to totally look at his medications and start treating the disorder that is most prevelant first (WOW! Haven't heard that from his other psychiatrist!). She said that this will not be easy; it's complex and that there seems to be several issues going on. She did say that her immediate observation made her think ADHD, ODD, Dsythymia Depression, and POSSIBLY Aspergers (which I have ofter wondered about.). We left that appointment feeling the most optimistic we have felt in a real long time. We just want to know what we are dealing with so we can help him have the most successful life and I have wondered for a really long time about his diagnosis and his medications!
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    Congratulations! Sounds like it went well, and this psychiatrist really sounds amazing!