Approved! Now what?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by STILLjustamom, Oct 22, 2007.

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    My son has been approved for SSI & SSDI. I am the representative payee (he is 25). I've read the materials on the responsibilities of being the Rep Payee, but can anyone who already has this responsibility for a while give me some tips or advice that might be helpful?
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    Oh Im so glad you didnt have the agonizing years long wait like I had to go through! It took me almost 3 years to get approved...sigh.

    Ok, I am Corys representative Payee. What you have to do is get yourself a little ledger book from walmart...and a receipt book is a good idea too for when you give him any cash spending money.

    Im assuming his money is going into some sort of joint checking or savings account in both your names. Or just your name...whichever.

    Now, you can take all your monthly bills and divide by how many people live there and he is basically responsible for his fair share. Or you can just charge him a fair and reasonable rent for room and board to pay for him living and eating in your home. Keep track of this in your ledger book!

    Next if you buy him any clothing, books, recreational items, shoes, etc...get receipts and mark them in the ledger book. Or you can just keep the checks if they are in the checking account and you can keep the statements instead of receipts but mark in the ledger each month.

    If you give him cash for incidentals and going out to eat, gas, etc...have him sign a receipt book.

    Keep track of the money.

    Someplace down the line they will send you a report asking you how you spent the tell them how much went for room and board, how much for clothing, how much you saved. Taa daa.

    Its really not all that hard.

    For example....Cory gets about 500 because he has an overpayment and some wages. He pays me 250 for rent, we spend the rest on clothing, gas, and baby stuff.
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    Thanks Janet. So basically every time I give him spending money from this account he should sign off on it? The money will be in an account with me as payee, he won't have access to it. I was thinking of paying his bills first, then giving him an "allowance" so to speak by perhaps transferring it into his own checking account. Then he could use a debit card for gas, etc. What do you think of that idea? I was thinking as long as I noted in my ledger what the transferred money was for that would be an easy way to do it.
    Or maybe getting a reloadable Walmart card....
    How do you handle gifts? for instance at Christmas or other times?
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    Im gonna pm you