approved "safe hold" for violent acts/ threats

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    I was reading some posts on the violence and threats of some of the kids and remembered about the Child Protective Services "safe hold" that the agencies and police taught to me years ago (and approve of) to restrain a violent child.

    *it might not work well if your kid is already as strong as you are, but here are the steps...

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    *in other words- allow the police to witness his aggression and get it documented that you are taking appropriate steps to safegard everyone from harm.

    Hope this helps!!
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    Our website doesn't advise parents to use any holds unless instructed IN PERSON by a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL.
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    Hello L3dean and welcome. Thank you for your posting, your participation in our discussions are greatly appreciated. I agree with SRL. I had to edit out the steps for how to do a safe hold because, unfortunately, it's one of those things that just can't be taught over the internet even though it's useful information. We encourage all parents to seek out training from qualified psychiatric or medical personnel on the proper way to restrain a raging child. This is to minimize the risk of injury to both the child and the parent.
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    L3 - using holds was one of the most practical tools we were given when thank you was younger. I would very strongly encourage any parent who is dealing with a violent/impulsive/unsafe child to speak with their therapist or psychiatrist about whether it might be an effective strategy in their situation. There should be training by psychiatrist/therapist on how to do it safely as well as documentation in the child's medical record that training has been provided to parents. Refresher courses should be done, in my humble opinion, yearly - no different than staff at schools and RTCs who use physical restraints.