Apps for Autism (60 Minutes News Story)

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Oct 23, 2011.

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    There has been quite a bit of publicity on this subject in our area lately. Schools and parents are finding it very helpful. It's a shame that most of the apps are so expensive. The one they talked about in the 60 minutes show is $189.99. If apple wants to do soemthing good they would donate ipads to schools for special needs children and give them the apps for free.

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    that is an ungodly amount of money for an app.
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    There are companies out there with pricey software, who DO make it available for free to kids with disabilities ("kids" being from school age through to university-level).

    But I'm not aware of any doing this for ipads.
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    I loved seeing the joy on that boy's face!

    I couldn't finish watching it because it started sounding like an infomercial for the iPad. in my opinion technology in general does the same thing. Teachers and parents just have to think to use it. I remember walking into son's kindergarten class (before diagnosis) and seeing a boy glued to a computer. He was visibly autistic and I was told that he was already proficient.

    Yes, for non-verbals, specific apps would be necessary, and $200 for such an app is a small price to pay for the ability to communicate. For other stuff, learning, teaching, interacting, our technology is just exploding. Just need to find the right format for the right child. AND in my opinion, It does NOT have to be the iPad.
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    I watched 60 min. Educating special needs children is just on the threshold. I expect a lot of changes in how we teach different learners. Hopefully, it will be more effective than how they had taught my difficult child.
    The program difficult child is involved in has teams of young adults working on apps and all sorts or computer programs. They all seem to have a propensity for computer stuff. Not all are great in all areas. Different adults have different skills but together they seem to be learning how to turn their interests into revenue producing work. As opposed to bagging groceries.