Are any of you born-again Christians??? Hope so...

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by HeidiO, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. HeidiO

    HeidiO New Member

    I have just joined this forum, and have been getting much needed support and advice from many other difficult child parents. My biggest dilema is that I am hoping to find other conservative Christians that might converse back and forth with me to better align with our values...anyone?
    I was a very rebellious difficult child myself, left home of my alcoholic single mother at 16 (who is also BiPolar (BP) and on several medications) the grace of God, I graduated HS!
    I was a partier: alcohol, pot, and the occasional acid hit, which led me to risky behavior, firstly by being date raped and continuing risky sexual behavior until I had a child at 19, raised her alone till age 3, met and married my AWESOME husband, introduced to church by mutual friends, we were both saved and have done our best to raise our difficult child K, and our two other kids with biblical values. My husband legally adopted K at age 6, and I've been a stay-at-home-mom since 1994.
    I have my original thread post on Parent Emeritus titled "newbie needs...sleep" you can review the posts there to see our current situation. I have been getting great support, but hope there are other Christians out there that can offer something too, and also be a prayer warrior for each other! Raising our kids in this fallen world is a huge undertaking and we need to support each other!
    Hope to hear from you, whoever you are.
    No offense to those who aren't Christians! Love you too!
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    Hello Heidi and welcome. I'm going to lock this thread because we don't allow public religious discussions here. I encourage anyone that wishes to seek you out to do so through the site's personal messaging system. Thanks for your understanding.
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