Are schools required to report fights resulting in injury to police?

Discussion in 'Special Ed 101' started by Karen & Crew, May 13, 2009.

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    This pertains to my 10-y/o difficult child who was assaulted at school during PE last week. He sustained a minor concussion but fortunately wasn't seriously injured (physically, at least). RT was removed from PE class for the remainder of the year for his safety. The other boys involved were suspended for 1 day.
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    He gets assaulted and loses gym????? The other boys should lose gym.

    But no, schools are not required to report anything except suspected child abuse.
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    I believe that removing him from PE is quite possibly a violation of IDEA. I don't know if you want to fight for it (I probably would not have for either of my sped kids - pretty low on my priority list) but if you *do*, I can do some digging around to find the citations on it.

    If SD didn't file police report, I'm sure they did some kind of internal incident report. If you're so inclined you should be able to get a copy of that and file a police report yourself - or file report and have police get details from SD.

    Incredibly incredibly wrong to me that your son loses out on a core class while the bullies get a slap on the wrist (barely). Sets a bad precedent if the only way they can ensure his safety is to remove *him*.

    Hope he's okay, poor boy. Life shouldn't have to be so tough. :(
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    When my oldest son was in 6th grade, he was assaulted at an afterschool club. The boy who assaulted him was banned from the club for the rest of the year but I don't know if he had any other punishment. They tried to suspend my son for 3 days along with another boy who tried to intervene to help my son. When they told me that, I went ballistic and went to the police and filed a report. My purpose was not to get a 7th grader arrested but imagine my shock when the police told me that the boy's name was not unknown to them!

    I then called and demanded a meeting with the principal. The first thing he said to me was "Just because you're a lawyer, did you have to go to the police?" I replied "I went to the police because I'm a mother, the fact that I'm a lawyer just means that I'm not scared of you or them"

    My son wound up getting a 1/2 day in school suspension which created another problem (LOL!) because my son decided he loved ISS so much that he would rather be there than in class!

    My opinion is that if the other boys are 6th grade or above, I would go to the cops. As for continuing PE, my kids would be happy to be out of it for the year so I wouldn't push for it but if your son wants it, you should demand that he go back in.

    Good luck.