are there any homesteaders here?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ctmom05, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. ctmom05

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    I find the concept of homesteading very interesting, and have been learning more about it.

    Anyone here homesteading or deeply involved in country living? I would love to hear more about your experiences.
  2. Shari

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    I wouldn't say deeply, but i've been accused of being a hick.

    Not sure what you're looking for, but we're a little more "of the earth" than average.
  3. totoro

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    We were close to it when I lived with my Bio-Dad for a couple of years.
    We grew almost all of our own food. Had pigs, cows, hens, pheasants.
    Hunted our own elk, deer, bear and moose.
    We had a well and we cut our own firewood for our wood burning stoves. The wood came off of our land.
    We gathered our own hay off of neighboring farms, had to buck it ourselves.

    We did purchase some things from the farmers market and as little as possible from the store.
    Step-Mom made pasta, bread, tortillas etc...

    It was pretty cool but very hard work. There are still quite a few people who homestead up in northern Idaho. A lot of the Mennonites still do up there.
    It is getting harder though. We had one friend who was trying to survive solely on homesteading his land... he ended up growing pot and selling it!!! Didn't last very long!!!
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    My bro used to live up near Couer D'Alene Idaho. He lived in a sort of compound with a large family. He had a trailer, and the adult kids had trailers or houses on the land. Bro's water came from a hose hooked up to their well, and his electric came from an extension cord from another trailer's generator.

    His bathroom was outside his 22 ft Airstream trailer (not a trailer home, a travel trailer). It only had 3 walls. One year a bear ate the toilet seat, LOL! Luckily no one was using it at that moment. He hunted and fished, worked for the forest service during the season, and really loved that life. He never intended to move to OK. He came home one winter, the drinking got bad, he ended up having my parents move him out into a rental house because he was driving them nuts. Then he got some alcohol and gun related felonies. And then 2 weeks at the county jail (he calls it the County Betty Ford) and then went into a great rehab. Has been sober ever since.

    He got his felonies expunged a couple of years ago, thank heavens. But he and his now ex had a daughter, and he can't move her out of state, and won't move away from her (she spends 1/2 the week with him and 1/2 with his ex). So he is stuck here for about 13-14 more years. And there isn't much homesteading around here.

    It is a neat subject. he seriously tried to convince husband and I to go into a homesteading venture with him many years ago.

    It was sad, but I laughed hysterically. I am very allergic to the sun, and don't tolerate either heat or cold very well. I don't think I would survive homesteading. I KNOW I wouldn't survive it with my bro! But I problem shouldn't have laughed hysterically at him. We are just very different.

    You might find interesting info about it if you look up FoxFire. There used to be a set of books we had with a lot of back to nature/homesteading type stuff in it. My dad had them, then my bro did. Just a thought.
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    I am not sure that I actually have homesteading ahead of me, but the idea of voluntary simplicity is intriguing.

    For me, it's more about location than some of the other aspects. The small log house, with a woodstove, where I could not see my neighbors would be divine.