Are we POSITIVE it isn't Friday the 13th?

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    I. Have. Had. A. Day.

    It started at 7 am, with Miss KT's grandmother, from whom all monies flow, calling. Hubby and I had gone by last night to pick up a check for Miss KT's books this semester, and though Miss KT originally said she only needed $60 more, it turned out to be $100 more. Grandma is the administrator of Miss KT's educational trust, so even though Grandma had written a check for $60, she wrote a second check for $40, Hubby and I said thank you, and came back home. Now Grandma says she can't write a check for less than $100, and I have to bring those two checks back before 9:30 am so she can write one check for $100. I'm working this afternoon, and Grandma knows this, because I mentioned it last night. Fortunately, I was fixing breakfast when she called, or something impolite would have been said. Hubby offers to go get the check on his way to school, because he can tell I have lots to say, and there's gonna be a fight. Then all I have to do is go by school, get the check, deposit it, and go to work.

    As I'm getting ready, my mom calls. Wants to borrow my cupcake holder. OK, I'll be out there in your area, I'll drop it by. Finish getting ready. Go to pick up the check from Hubby's car. Set off the car alarm, disturbing several classes. Call Hubby. He comes out, shuts it off. Go to the bank. Deposit check into Miss KT's account. Go to Mom's. Deliver cupcake holder. Have lunch. Go to school.

    Enter classroom while kids are at lunch, and the place is a sty. Now, she's a nice lady, and a friend of mine, but she leaves lousy lesson plans, and I can't for the life of me figure out what's supposed to happen next. Look up her copier code, and take the stuff I brought with me, just in case, and go to make copies so we have something to do this afternoon. Realize that I needed to bring my own paper. Back to the classroom to search for copier paper. Back to workroom. Re-enter code, begin copying the assignment. Copier stops. I think it's done, so I open the tray and pull out the remaining paper, somehow breaking the tray so it won't close. There are also three paper jams that I can't figure out. Call the office for help. Secretary comes down. I killed it. They had to call a repairman. She was kind enough to let me finish my copies in the office.

    Return to classroom, where an aide is giving me the stinkeye because I wasn't there at precisely 12:25 pm. 20 little people are thrilled to see me, and the excitement just keeps rising, to where I'm about ready to spray a sleepy version of Febreze if it will calm them down for fifteen minutes. Whatever they ate in the cafeteria today needs to be outlawed. Seriously.

    After riding herd on the little darlings for 3 very long and loud hours, I finally get them out the door, my note written, my stuff gathered, and get to the office to turn my keys in, only to be told that my daughter had called, hysterical, because her GPS broke and she is lost somewhere in the Bay Area, and I need to call her back ASAP.

    Get out to the car. Call Miss KT. She has no idea where she is. I ask for streets. She says she is at the hospital in Santa Clara, and is driving around the psychiatric ward. I laughed. She does not think I am funny. Finally get something coherent out of her, and get her to a major street, where she is thrilled to find a Chipotle. Then she sees a Barnes & Noble. Tell her to go in and ask for directions, and write them down. Tell her exactly what directions she needs. Fine. I go home. She goes to Chipotle for tacos.Calls to tell me that there's a really cute guy working there who gave her a discount on her food, and even walked outside with her to point which direction she needed to go.

    It's 5 pm, I'm exhausted and I'm ready to start drinking heavily. However, I haven't heard back from Miss KT, so she may be lost again...:crazydriver:
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    Oh my! Let's just hope that today wasn't merely a warm up for tomorrow!
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    I think you should have sent Miss KT into the psychiatric ward to ask for directions...lmao
  4. Hound dog

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    I like Janet's suggestion :rofl:

    Actually I love friday the 13th as it's always turned out to be lucky for me........ weird, but it's certainly how it seems.

    I hope Miss KT made it home ok. Sheesh she does get lost a lot, doesn't she?

    Sit down prop up your feet and have husband pour you a tall alcoholic beverage. You've earned it.

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    You have EARNED that drink! Chances are Miss Kt got the guy's number, is now back at the dorm regaling her friends with her adventure - having forgotten all about Mom who is worrying at home.

    I hope tomorrow is better. Not sure what the fuss over the check was about - amazing how far some people will go to save a 50cent per check charge, isn't it?

    At least it is over. Why can Miss KT not figure out how to ask for directions by herself? This might be a good age to let her learn to do this on her own. People DID survive before GPS after all.