Are you aware of CHILD FIND services?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Star*, Apr 15, 2008.

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    May not be up and running well in all states - but worth a look to attain services for your child.
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    Oh yeah... it worked like a charm here in Idaho! They did not find my girls, I had to point them out, despite me asking, and asking, and then they denied any issues... sorry to be a negative Nelly!!! But Child Find here is bunk. At least here, for us. When I finally got in for an interview, they all said how come no-one has ever contacted us regarding your family!!! But then the Psychologists who were all over worked, dropped the ball...
    I hope it is better in other states!!!
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    I also had less than wonderful results from Child Find. First they said I was too well educated a parent to need them. Then they were set up outside a "kids expo" think at the convention center several years in a row.

    My kdis all were too much ahead to be identified as needing them. They went as far as to tell me we would never have any problems with difficult child BECAUSE he was reading shortly after his 3rd birthday.

    ANYONE with knowledge of child development should have some info on hyperlexia - or reading very early and the problems that go along with it.

    For people who were low income they had some resources, but for us (barely above that, but both parents educated so they ASSUMED we were in a MUCH higher income bracket) there were ZERO resources, no matter what.

    I was very much not impressed. Esp when we went to get an IEP and the school district we were in then told us if we needed an IEP we needed Chidl Find to say so, or else we couldn't get one.

    I hope someone gets help from them.
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    Thanks Star.

    Child Find is part of IDEA (IEPs). It's been up and running for years and years in all states. Early intervention is so important. Too bad the State Education Agencies and school districts do such a poor job.