Are your kids getting excited yet?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Dec 12, 2009.

  1. DammitJanet

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    Keyana really understands this year about Santa and is going NUTS!!!!!

    Every time she sees Santa on TV or in a ad in a flyer she gets over the moon excited. She is carrying around this little advertisement from Family Dollar and she has practically read it threadbare. She keeps going over and over what she wants out of it for Xmas and asking each of us what we want out of it. She circles everything in it. She pretends to be reading it constantly. It never leaves her side except for Its hysterical.

    She watches the Xmas shows on TV and goes on and on about Santa...Look Grandma...There is has a white beard and white hair and a red suit and hat...and glasses! LMAO.. I keep telling her I have known Santa a real long time...I know what he looks like and I dont have to keep running to the TV to see him!

    I just love 3 year olds!
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    Awww! That's sweet!

    My brothers youngest just turned 4, and she is obsessed this year too haha. It's hysterical for sure.

    easy child is 10 now, and difficult child is 16. But they are both still excited for Christmas. easy child, for the first time, is pretty focused on the presents under the tree. Curiousity is eating at her. Its pretty funny. Both are really looking forward to the school holidays, they are ready for a break. easy child is anxious to do more baking with me, and difficult child is anxious to get that turkey dinner going. His favorite holiday thing is always the turkey dinner.

    I'm excited to just have the kids 24/7 for a few weeks. I miss them when the months of school drag on and on.