Argh! and Sigh

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by meowbunny, Feb 3, 2008.

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    It turns out my next-door neighbor died within the past two days. Because there was a small fire, they've turned it into a crime scene until the ME declares it accidental. I truly am sorry he died although I didn't know him -- he was an alcoholic who pretty much kept to himself.

    However, I was SUPPOSED to have a superbowl party. I mentioned this to the police and they told me to arrange to have it elsewhere -- they were pretty much taking up all the parking spaces. On top of that, the yellow tape is halfway into my driveway so I can't even get out (one of the officers actually made a grocery run for me rofl).

    So, the food has been picked up for party elsewhere. I'm stuck here since I can't get my car out and I'm not taking a chance that others will be drinking and driving. Risk themselves, yes. Risk me, no.

    Really not a happy camper right now!
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    OMG! That soooo bites! I'm so sorry that this turned out to happen.

    I'd hold onto the food that you can store and have a "non" superbowl party next week.


    The Football Widows Club party next week. (all the wives and girlfriends over to hang out and not have to listen to the football starved people who can't wait til next season!) (you know, like me!!!)~!

    Sorry it worked out this way...

    Hey, any single cops standing around in your driveway? Hmmm, come on in and watch the game?