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    I am not one for patience (as if you all didn't know that already LOL!). So I called my HR contact just a min ago. Her super just came back from vacation today. I said Oh, I thought she was coming back yesterday (I made sure to keep my sweetest, most humble tone of voice possible.) She said the super was supposed to come back yesterday but didn't. Now, in private business, if I've told someone that I would get back to them on a given day, I call them on that day even if I have to tell them that I have to wait longer to give them the info they are waiting for.

    Sooooo......she told me it would probably be tomorrow. The super has the file and "has to verify everything and sign off on it". I told her that there are people here other than just me that need to know this decision and I have put them off about as long as I can so if she could just let me know which direction it was going, it would be a big help. I asked if I could speak to the super and she kind of blew around that. She said her super had my file, was going over everything and was trying to catch up and repeated what she'd just said. (She sounds like a very young and inexperienced girl.) I said well, obviously, if the clearance didn't come thru then I won't get the position, so do you know if the clearance went thru? And she said "no, I don't know".

    The ONLY good thing from this dragging out so long is that if I get the job, it pushes my window of time to get out there farther into next year. Still, of course, I can only afford to saty here unemployed so long and I won't be able to stay in this house forever.
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    And "that", my dear, is exactly why I decided that I would never, ever, ever, have a boss again! I just can't take the beauocracy of big business or of government. It's a bummer! on the other hand, it may be your path to a future for you and your difficult child so I am still rooting for the idiots to come through.
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    I know- but thank you! You know, I have to look at it differently. Not only do I desparately need a job, but oddly enough, when I testified in court almost 2 years ago, and the GAL asked my careeer goals (I have no idea why)- I repsonded "what I would really love to do is to be in the field I am in now and work for the branch of military I used to be in, without being in the military". This isn't exactly that- but it is very, very close. And although this is a long shot at this point- if I get the job anhd can get difficult child out there (which is the only way I'm going), the local government can only force so much if the fed government is requiring me to do certain things, too. I think that will be respected more than a requirement from a private employer.