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    I can't sleep again. I have CS court tomorrow...well, technically, later today. I don't know why I am worried about it. I have no job so they can only order the minimum payment. Still, it seems like courrt around here NEVER goes the way I think it will. I was told by the PO that neither he nor the GAL would be there. If I see either of them in the room, that will be my first clue of how bad things will get.
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    Fingers crossed...
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    Thanks, Witz! It's a big "if" but this has dss going after difficult child's father, too. They didn't know where he was but I was more than happy to provide all the info I had on him. If they get him in court they will get CS ordered from him at no cost to me. I would have had to hire a PI and attny otherwise. There's no problem with paternity if they just get him in court because there's no chance anyone else can be the father. Anyway, even though this CS from either/both of us goes to the state as long as difficult child is incarcerated, if they get it ordered from the father all I have to do is fill out a form with DSS once difficult child is back in my custody and any money they get from him gets sent to me. Of course he'll probably make a stink about visitation but at this point in difficult child's life, it's not as frightening to me as when difficult child was a little one. (If you knew the background on this guy that would make more sense,.)

    The judge knew that Department of Juvenile Justice would file for CS thru dss so I can't help but wonder if this was another factor she considered when she turned difficult child over to state Department of Juvenile Justice.
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    Well again, not as expected. Some good, some bad. CS was imputed as if I make minimum wage. Fortunately, I was given a chance to say enough to make it obvious that I'm unemployed due to taking care of difficult child issues/probation requirements and the judge could see by paperwork that I've been difficult child's sole provider since his birth. So, he only included payment for arrears to July instead of backing it up to March and implied the CS would not increase even when I get a job. He was nice about it all. He asked about how difficult child is doing in Department of Juvenile Justice and when he'd get released.

    One odd thing that I don't get- he made issue to say and put it in the order that any medical cost to me outside of what insurance covers would be split 50/50 between me and the father. Well, once my son is released, there is no CS order against me and as long as he's in state custody, I'm not able to get medication insurance on him because the state automatically covers it. The only situation this would apply to is if a major health problem occurred and the state sent me a bill for a certain amount, I would only have to pay half of it. But I'm not sure they even do that. I have not gotten any bills from the state for copays for eyeglasses, medications, psychiatrist visits, etc.

    If they find the father and get all the CS straightened out and ordered prior to difficult child's release, which they implied would not happen with him being out of state, the CS order on him would have to all be revisited in court once difficult child returns to my custody so any determination about medication cost now is a moot point.

    Any ideas on why the judge thought he was helping me somehow by doing this? Maybe he's thinking if difficult child went to a group home and I had to pay CS and supply medication insurance, that any additional medication cost would be cut in half for me. I mentioned to him though that it doesn't matter even if the court doesn't require it, the dr's want their 100% right away. (I said that nicely and told him I would cover it like I always have.)
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    well, sounds like it didn't go as badly or as well as it could. For dealing with the state that is as good as it gets, I am afraid.