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    I cannot deal with a 15 year old difficult child depending on me for the littlest things like she is 5 years old for one. more. day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :919Mad:

    She went to E's Sunday, but came home Monday because she had appointments yesterday and today. She was supposed to go back to E's tonight, but E had something come up.

    difficult child is being oppositional to the nth degree, obsessing, and being totally dependent and helpless. I'm going to lose my mind!!!

    Ok. Needed to get that out.
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    I completely understand! Hugs.
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    I wish that her stay had been longer, and hope you are still able to send her at another time. Hugs. It is exhausting.
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    Understand... All too well.
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    Aaarrgh! I hear you!

    It's so hard when they're both oppositional and dependent. Excedrin Headache #63...
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    Earplugs are pretty cheap at walmart. They might help you get a bit of a break and push her a bit toward independence. What does her psychiatrist say about it?