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    [h=2]CenterPoint Energy: Free Energy-Saving Bathroom Fixtures (Select States Only)[/h][h=4]This Deal was hand-posted on Tuesday, March 20th, 2012 at 8:41 am.[/h]
    If you are a CenterPoint Energy Customer living in Minnesota, Oklahoma, Arkansas or in the Texas communities of Texarkana, Wake Village, Nash and Red Water, then you’ll want to take note of this free energy-saving offer! Through December 2012, residential natural gas customers in these areas can snag up to 3 free showerheads and 3 free faucet aerators. Keep in mind that just using one low flow showerhead and one faucet aerator can reduce the average family’s hot water use by more than 3,000 gallons and save $24 in a single year.
    * Click here if you live in Arkansas or Texas
    * Click here if you live in Minnesota
    * Click here if you live in Oklahoma
    Fine Print: Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Program ends Dec. 15, 2012 or while supplies last. Quantities are limited, and orders are fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. Customers may receive a maximum of 3 free showerheads and 3 free faucet aerators per customer/household.

    Borrowed from Hip2save
  2. AnnieO

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    Umm... If your faucet spews change, wouldn't that hurt while trying to shower?

    Just my $0.02...
  3. Star*

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    If your faucet spews change?

    I'd opt to look like you --------

    I'd stand in the shower with a bucket and a deposit ticket.........

    I'd keep checking the toilet to see if it had any gold when you flushed......

    I don't know - but change is a lovely thing until DF sticks it in his pocket and PLAYS with it - over and over and ........over and (WHACK) GOOD JOB MAN - you stopped.

    and we add ANOTHER thing to the list of things that annoy the smack out of Star......(ugh)
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    LOL Step!! They are pushing these here in OK because we have enormous drought problems each year. Last year we had a burn ban all summer, which meant NO grilling was allowed anywhere, and the fine was raised to crazy high because people kept ignoring it and "just going inside for a second" or "just stepping in to grab a beer" and then a spark would start a fire and it would end up crazy because few people had fire extinguishers or even hoses handy.

    These things can be great IF it is a good quality one for the shower. The faucet ones haven't ever been a problem for us, but the shower ones can make it hard to rinse my hair. but it is worth getting them to try because they really can save you a fair amt of $$ and free is great.

    Thanks for the notice, Star!