Arrggh! difficult child just got approval for his school transfer!!!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Sep 5, 2012.

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    I should be ecstatic. But 1) one of the bad kids is in the other school, "W" hs. And he's the worst one. He's already been in 4 fights. The other one is awol ... could be at an optional school. Another is in the "M" school with-difficult child but too stoned to fight or remember he was going to fight, and bragging about being stoned. He has made eye contact but difficult child and he just walked past one another and made no verbal contact. difficult child has already renewed friendships from middle school, has a new friend 1 block away, with-whom he takes the bus, we've signed all the permission forms and paid all the extra fees (gym shirts with-the school logo) and as he pointed out, "What's the point?"

    I just wish this had happened a month ago. I told the administrator thank you very much, but one of the kids we were trying to stay away from was actually in that school. I told him I'd call him back no matter what.

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    Sometimes things happen for the best. Maybe the original school you wanted wouldn't have been so great after all. The best news is that he's renewed friendship with his middle school friends, so he's not pining away for his old contacts.
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    Yes, I hope so.
    husband and I will talk about it at dinner tonight. I was gone much of the night, at my first NAMI support group mtng. It was great!
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    We are not going to call to confirm one way or another until Monday. We will wait to see if there are any fights or threats ... need to make it through the first week. We're leaning toward having him stay at M.