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    So, my GP is getting me into another neurologist for a second opinion.

    The nurse called me today and said they have like a hundred that take my insurance and can she email me the list and let me choose? :hammer:

    I'm not a doctor. I know - and they know - that I like to have some control over my health care, but I don't know who would be the best choice - what subspecialty, etc.

    So, she sends me the link and of course it won't work for me. So, I go through my book. I've already seen 2 specialists at OSU, so I figure that's a good place to go. Only problem is that some specialty areas within OSU no longer take my insurance and we won't know who until we call or if I could double check via the link that won't work for me. And I *still* don't know what subspecialty to be concerned about. So, I get on OSU's website and find ONE doctor that specializes in 'general adult neurology'. He looks to be about 16. But, he's the only one in the 'general neurology' area and since I don't know if I'm looking at MS, or neuromuscular, or inflammatory myopathies, or none of the above, I figure general is the way to go.

    But, why is this up to me??? I told my GP at my last couple of visits that I just want them to tell me what to do. I know they are at a loss, but HELLO so am I. If they're the ones with the medical degrees and they're at a loss, why would I be in any better position to make the call. And I'm in a HUGE flare. I feel like crappola. I'm in no position to be able to make this kind of call. And I don't *want* to. :hammer: :hammer: :919Mad:

    Couldn't they be calling them and give a brief history and ask which doctor should I see? Couldn't they be calling colleagues and asking the same things? I'm just picking a name out of a hat based on a subspecialty but I know nothing about the doctor.

    So, if nothing comes of this it's all on me. The one without a medical degree.

    I give. Uncle.
  2. totoro

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    Send us the list and let us call and pick!!! We can pretend we are you. Or better yet have the new Princess Star* on the board make the calls, she should have some power!

    I am sorry, that hoovers! Why can't they just tell you who is the best and if they take your insurance and that you should go to them!!! Even make the apt for you.
    K's pediatrician did that with her EEG. Why can't all doctor's do things like this!!!
    You are suffering for crying out loud!!!
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    HUGS... I'd probably do a google search on a few and see if anything comes up that I really like or don't like to help me decide. I'm sory you're going through this- picking doctors can be a real nightmare....

    I guess you already thought about asking a psychiatrist for an opinion.....
  4. Hound dog

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    Heather I had to think about this a bit before responding. This needs to be handed back over to the fam doctor. She has the education/background/ and contacts to find the right neuro to look at you. And she's in good health. I can't believe they pawned this off onto you. They're not being paid for you to do the work for them.

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    I agree, I'm shocked they didn't refer you to a specific specialist. Hugs.
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    My mom said it's because the doctor knows how much research I've done and that I'm an educated patient and she wants me to see who I want to see.

    I don't want that responsibility. I want to say...I want a second opinion with a neuro, but I want someone more qualified to determine the neuro's qualifications.

    So, my mom said she would help me make these decisions. If they call back and OSU Neuroscience no longer takes my insurance, I'm going to tell the docs office that I just want a neurologist that specializes in general neurology - unless the GP thinks otherwise - and let them pick. They are scheduling the appointment. They just wanted me to pick.
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Call the doctor back and ask him if YOU were HIS WIFE - WHICH one of those three doctors would he choose and why - then make your decision based on your needs.

    I think my doctor thinks I am difficult and sometimes does stuff like this. I'm not being difficult but by golly you are going to tell me WHY I need a 1,000 test because I have to pay for most of it.

    Hugs - sorry you hurt.
    er Princess Star