Arrrrghh! difficult child has $360 of charges on OGPlanet

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TerryJ2, Jun 16, 2011.

  1. TerryJ2

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    ... when he wasn't even online. I authorized ONE item online for $5 last month. It turned out to be 3, so it was $15. I sat there with-difficult child and said, "Hit the enter key again. It didn't work."
    There is NOTHING that tells you if the purchase has gone through. I know they do that on purpose.
    Now I have numerous charges from the last 5 days.
    I just cancelled my credit card.

    I also went online to check my cousin's acct because she wants to shop today for her 6-yr-old grand-neice. I found several purchases from Tuesday ... and she was in her room on Tuesday.
    Maybe the charges were made on Saturday, but why would it take 3 days for them all to go through? Very odd.
    I am awaiting a call from the mgr of our local TJMaxx. If that turns out to be fraud, then I have to call Walgreens and some other place, too.

    What a waste of my life. I want to be painting!
  2. AnnieO

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    Terry - just an FYI.

    On some of my cards, I can charge something on a Thursday and not have it even SHOW until Monday or Tuesday, with a post date of then. It's aggravating - to have $200 available, charge $20, have $180 available but no charge shows. UGH.
  3. shellyd67

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    My accounts also can take a day or two to process charges.

    Online Banking will have a "on hold" section that shows what is still waiting to post to my account.

    Your credit card company should be able to provide you with all charges that have not processed but are "on hold" as well. This should even provide you with charges you have made within the hour.

    I hope it all works out. Geeze ....
  4. TerryJ2

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    I thought of that, in reg to my cousin. Thanks.
  5. TerryJ2

    TerryJ2 Well-Known Member

    Okay, I got the credit card cancelled, and so far, OGPlanet has ignored my email and phonecalls. Par for the course.