Arthritic Nodules?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Sep 7, 2011.

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    Is anyone familiar with arthritic nodules? I have a spot in the middle of my left thumb that sometimes you can't feel and other times is hard like a rock under my skin and it shrieks with pain. It is NOT at a joint, where I would have expected an arthritic problem, but in the very center of the pad of my left thumb. Being right-handed mostly (ambidextrous runs in my family and some things I simply am unable to do right handed, esp sports things), this thing shocks me with pain every so often.

    I am also getting really nasty looking knuckles. My hands looked like little old lady arthritis hands by age sixteen but now they are even creepier, in my opinion. The kids have joked that I don't need gloves to make scary witch hands for halloween, that I could even make molds of my hands and sell copies of them for Halloween. Sweet of them, isn't it? lol They do make me smile about it because those kids of mine NEVER react the way I would expect! The problems have become far more noticeable in the last four or five months. My right pinkie finger looks like there is a pea sitting under the skin at the first knuckle - some days are worse than others but I do notice that if I do not stretch my hands several times a day that the pinkie mostly but ALL the joints do NOT want to move to their full range of motion. I learned the stretches twenty plus yrs ago when I got a false diagnosis of ankylosing spondylitis and am glad I know them.

    If y'all have any home remedies for this stuff, or any clue why an arthritic problem would show up in the middle of my thumb and not at the joint, I would appreciate it. Current diagnosis's do NOT include the ankylosing spondylitis because though I have the gene I just don't have the squared vertebrae (doctor that diagnosis'd it put my name on someone else's xrays. We figured it out a few years later because there was a HUGE difference in the xrays that doctor did and the xrays done at the later time. No way vertebrae change shape that way - simply is impossible, plus I don't have a number of other symptoms of it. So I have fibro, psoriatic arthritis, severe Vit D deficiency and bones that are demineralizing at a terrifying rate. To this point, NONE of the DMARDS have helped at all with the arthritis - not the biologics like enbrel and humira, not the steroids which make me nastier than cobra with PMS, not the other medications that are rx'd. The docs pretty much just look confused - NOT what you want on your third opinion's face or that of the first two docs who gave the opinions!

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    Wow, I am so sorry Susie. I really can't help you but wanted to give my support. I have arthritis everywhere, some pain not in joints, but it is just the good old-fashioned infammatory type. {{{{(((HUGS)))}}}} hon.
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    I'm thinking bone spurs. They can occur anywhere, but generally NOT on a joint.

    As far as the general arthritis goes, have you tried gin soaked yellow raisins?. Just a handful a day is all that's necessary, and the alcohol content is minimal because most ends up evaporating during the soaking process. (you can even hide them in a paper bag in the old car lol)
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    I've had the little lumps or nodules on my knuckles too but they would come and go and weren't really painful. I haven't had them as much lately and when I did get them, it was before I started getting arthritis in other areas. I don't know if it's the same thing but I'm starting to get a stiffness in my wrists and there is one little sensitive spot on the right one that if I push on it, I get this little "zinger" lightning bolt kind of thing going down my hand to my ring finger. More just annoying now but if it gets worse, it will be a real problem.
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    Never heard of gin soaked raisings. But even a very small amt of alcohol is a problem for me - my body just hates it.I hadn't thought of bone spurs, but that might be possible, though why would they come and go - sometimes the lump on my thumb isn't noticeable at all, and can't be felt at all. Then other times is is super had and painful - and that can last ten min or ten days - no rhyme or reason even though I kept a detailed diary about it and some other health stuff for many months.

    I just wish there was some sort of reason for it to hurt, so that I could expect it rather than having it hit out of the blue. Bodies are annoying, ya know that? Mine just will not EVER cooperate.
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    Gout? Just an off-the-wall, top-of-the-head wild guess, but if you haven't asked, might be worth checking out.
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    OOPS! I was wrong about the joint thing for bone spurs - they can occur in joints.

    Here's the symptom page from Mayo Clinic.

    Not much in the way of treatment options. But could be the reason for your hurt.

    I had researched it regarding pain on the heels of my feet a few years ago. I remember one site saying that the pain should be expected to be worst in the morning. But once moving around, and the muscles and tendons get "used to" the irritation, the pain would subside, and that was the case for me. It's not so much the spur that hurts, but the other stuff rubbing up against it.
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    Gin soaked raisins??? that is a medication I havent tried but I think I am gonna have to think Maybe Cory and I could make up a big old jar of them to keep on the counter as medication...lmao.
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    I have heard gin soaked raisins work really well :)

    How about ganglions? I have them on my hands and wrist. The come from the muscles rubbing on each other and causing a little, well, ganglion. They are perfectly harmless, but hurt. You can go for a steroid shot, or ignore them, sometimes they go away on their own. In the old days they used to have people hold their hands out and slam a Bible on them.....they would burst in a million pieces. Nice, huh.
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    Arthritic nodules on the finger joints are called Heberden's nodes or Bouchard's nodes.

    The other thing that you are describing could be a ganglion, like Steely mentioned. The one question I have is look at both fat pads of your thumbs. Is the one you describe smaller than the other? If so, that's usually a sign of carpal tunnel syndrome.

    I don't know of any of these home remedies, but gin soaked raisins sounds good to me. If they don't work by directly holding them over the area, you can always eat them to relieve the pain (wink).
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    Loth they are close to the same size right now. When the bump is hurting, the thumb swells rapidly. It can go to twice the circumference of the other thumb very rapidly - 10 seconds or less (I timed it because it seemed so fast and I was curious). I don't think carpal tunnel is the problem - the wrist issues I have are different, hard to explain but they look very different than carpal tunnel on an xray.

    I will look up those names you gave, thanks.

    gin soaked raisins might help, but the way my body reacts to alcohol means I won't be trying them. I appreciate the thought, but my body gets violently upset at even small amts of alcohol. Wasn't that way until I got preggo with Wiz. Until then I could drink people twice my size under the table - literally with a very minimal hangover the next day. But roughly ten days after I conceived Wiz alcohol started tasting GROSS and my body freaks out at a sip or two. If I push it to have an entire glass of wine or shot of bourbon I pay for over a week. It just isn't something I can try. It never went away when I stopped being preggo, which truly hoovers, in my opinion.