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    I had to double check to make sure this article wasn't from somewhere in the USA because it sounds ooohhhhh, soooo familiar. The occurred in London, but many of us can relate.

    " Five-year-old expelled from school for throwing toy building block

    At five years of age, Oscar Taylor looks as if butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. But he has gained the unenviable distinction of being one of the youngest pupils in Britain to be expelled from school.

    Oscar was finally given his marching orders from his primary after a series of violent outbursts. In one incident, he assaulted three members of staff and was suspended for five days.

    But the final straw came when, in a temper tantrum, he grabbed a toy building block and threw it at another pupil.

    Last night, his headmistress Dawn Watson said the school had no choice but to expel him.

    "We could not ensure the health and safety of the child, other children and staff at the school," she said.

    But his parents, who are both teachers, say their son has special needs for which the school made no provision.

    His mother, Julie Taylor, 37, says Oscar is three years behind his speaking age and gets frustrated when he cannot carry out a task.

    "If a five-year-old child with mild learning difficulties has reached the point of exclusion, what the hell are they doing with the rest of the children who are worse than that?" she said.

    "It is obvious the school had no idea how to deal with children with special needs."

    After his parents withdrew him from his first school, Oscar joined the 200-pupil St Anne's Church of England primary school near Oldham.

    But the youngster soon began to get into trouble.

    Mrs Taylor said: "There had been a couple of incidents where they'd rang me up to come and collect him, saying he'd been violent.

    "But when I asked them what happened before the incident they never had any answers.

    "In May, there was an incident just before half- term in which he'd assaulted three members of staff. It led to a five-day exclusion."

    Then, on June 26, the block-throwing incident took place. Mrs Taylor said: "I'm told that another child knocked down his blocks - so what do they expect him to do?

    "I told them that he shouldn't be able to play with building blocks, but I was ignored. They were aware of the fact that he can lose his temper when provoked."

    Oscar was expelled in July when the head decided they could no longer tolerate his "disruptive" behaviour.

    Oscar's mother and his father Gavin, 45, appealed against the decision, but were told their son would not be allowed back.

    Tests were carried out to discover whether the youngster suffered from autism, diabetes or any other condition but they came back negative.

    Mrs Watson said: "The school has exhausted all possible strategies.

    "I could not allow such disruptive and unsafe behaviour to continue, as it was affecting the learning and health of other children and the wellbeing of staff.

    "We have been supported in our decision by two different appeal panels."

    Mrs Taylor, a secondary school teacher from Manchester, quit her job to concentrate on teaching her son at home.

    Oscar, who has a three-year-old sister, is starting his new school in Tameside, Greater Manchester, on Monday after three months of home schooling."

    Reader Comment:
    "How about sending the mother to parenting classes so that she can teach the boy to behave himself!

    - Chris, London, UK"

    So much ignorance in the world.
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    this was my comment to that article i'm sure they'll eat me alive but atleast if the parents read it they will know there is someone in the world on their side

    You are all out of your minds or blind one did you not read the part where she had asked the school to NOT let him play with the blocks has noone over there evolved this is a 5 year old little boy who does indeed have special needs obviously none of you have a child like this it is NOT the parents fault and it's probably not even the child's fault do your schools have any competent teachers and staff in them HELLO obviously the child has some issues but putting him in the corner for AN HOUR please that's bordering on abuse and neglect maybe all of you should read up on children with behavioral problems or better yet since you all seem to have the solution why don't you get a degree, a practice, and help or better yet get a life you idiots

    might have went a little overboard with the idiots comment but hey i was on a role
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    I placed the following comment:
    Some of those commenters sound like something straight out of Dickens.