Article: Girls Who Misbehave and their brain.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Fran, Oct 23, 2012.

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    Fran - yeah. No kidding. I liked where they mentioned it could be due to the brain not developing the same or adverse effects resulting in different development of the brain. That would fit my Onyxx - she had some pretty intense stuff as a very small child.

    I wonder, though - if they do a follow up, if those who have turned things around have an amygdala etc. that catches up...
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    Thanls for the link. I have always noted that difficult child does not process information like most people her age would. For example, last night, she was up late, making noise, taking bath, at a time when she knows it is past bedtime and generally keeping us awake. At 10:15pm, I hear the shower running, and running, and running. At 10:30 I go to the stairs and ask, or make a general comment that she should have been done with her shower by now. She makes a snide remark, and says, well, I AM going to rinse my hair. More water running, running, running. Finally husband gets up and turns the hot water on in our bathroom ... and that is the motivation to finally end the shower when her water starts cooling off. We think we are going to be able to sleep now (the girls bathroom and difficult child's bedroom is right over our bedroom). Then she starts singing! Like an opera star practicing the scales. WTF? So, husband goes to the bottom of the stairs and asks her to stop singing so we can get some sleep. Then, we hear her walking all over her floor, going to her closet, opening doors, drawers etc for the next 30 minutes. Her response to our request for quiet... obnoxious snide remarks. A normal person (even her younger sister) would have apologized and tried to be quieter. But she has no regards to how other people are feeling. This morning, husband woke the girls up at 6:15 (normal times on the mornings I work) and OMG... "The light hurts my eyes" "You are so rude!" "I need time to wake up" "You don't care about anybody else" "Don't walk away while I am talking to you" Her tirade went on even after husband left for work. Lucky me. Then it was my turn. She saw little sis wearing a pair of pants that she thought was hers. Little sis told her "It's mine, I got it at Kohl's" Then all hell breaks loose. difficult child has about 10 pair of jeans. easy child had 2 pair, and I bought her one more with a $10 off coupon we got. More screams of "it's not fair!" easy child had been in grade school with uniforms. This is her first year to be able to wear jeans to school. difficult child just doesn't get it. To even the score, I threw a pair of jeans I had bought for her but was saving for Christmas... as she had plenty to wear. Needless to say it was not a good morning. She never apologizes for her outbursts... and if she does, it is very shallow and not convincing at all. She is having problems with her BFF (her first one ever!) and I have a feeling that she probably doesn't even realize when she has upset someone. She thinks we should all forgive and forget 5 minutes after one of her hateful fits directed at us.

    I would love to have her have a brain scan... but even if they find that things are not normal - what can be done to correct it?? I am worn out. And glad that I have to work late and not deal with her after school. I am a very compassionate person, but I feel she has drained every last drop out of my system. KSM