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    Saw this on the msn website. In Colorado, there is a service that has a drug dog you can hire to find drugs in your home. I'm not sure how to post links on here. Hopefully this link works.
    Below is the story:

    "Controlling parents can now hire dogs to sniff out their kids' drugs
    5 hrs ago
    Helicopter parents have a new ally in their private war on drugs. According to Mark Haines, owner of K-9 Force Security, a new business in Ft. Collins, Col., renting a trained drug sniffer dog to find the bong stashed in your teen's bedroom is a "non-invasive way" for parents to snoop on their kids. Storm, the two-year-old German Shepard used in the searches, is trained to detect marijuana, cocaine, meth, ecstasy, heroin and Oxy, along with drug paraphernalia. "If one of Storm's searches is able to help a parent get their kid off drugs, then that's a good day's work," Haines said. [Source]"
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    OMG! How many of us would have dialed 1-800-DRUGDOG? on the other hand........there were alot of times I just couldn't have faced the truth. Sigh. DDD
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    Hmmm. Maybe I can train MY Lab to sniff out drugs!
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    I actually know a dog trainer that offers this service here in Atlanta. She also does in-home dog boarding and she has kept my dogs while we traveled.

    I didn't know her during difficult child's teenage drug years but I agree with DDD. I'm not sure I could have admitted it to an outsider at that point. It took me years to open up about what we were going through with anyone except the family counselor that we were seeing. Besides, what happens if they find drugs? Do you have your child arrested?

    In retrospect, I would do it . . . at that time, I was still sadly hoping for a miracle that she would change and the nightmare would all be over.

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    Amen, my friend Kathy. DDD