Article on triggers and signs of impending patient violence

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    Although this article is written for clinicians, I feel that it can be helpful for ANYONE who deals with someone who is prone to violence or agitation that could lead to violence -- for many of us, life with a difficult child inevitably brings us to this crossroads. Knowing how to recognize the signs and triggers, and have the tools to either avoid or de-escalate potentially violent situations can only help us.
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    Unfortunately, parents cannot always give themselves the "outs" that are recommended...
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    Very interesting. I would agree, that pacing is one good indicator of anxiety. However, there are so many instances when you cannot see the person ramp up and they just spring on you. I think that personal questions that imply misdeeds are obviously going to be met by anger and agitation. But that's the dr's job ... to ask those questions with-o making the pt ramp up.
    Anyway, all very interesting.

    I am certainly more aware of my cell ph and doors now that I have difficult child.