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    What do all the kids want for Xmas? And what do you plan to get

    Keyana wants everything she This is the first year she truly understands "I want" and Santa. Or at least she is starting to understand Santa. She sees things on TV or in the store and says "I want that" and we tell her to ask Santa. She will touch the item in the store and look up and say "Santa, I want this!" LOL.

    Every flier that comes in the house she has to look through and decide what she wants. Every pink or princessy thing...she wants. She is SUCH a girl! We get her to tell us what she wants, what Hailie wants, what Michael wants, what Daddy wants, etc. LOL. Trying to get her to think outside herself.

    What she is getting is a couple of dolls, some duplo blocks, a candyland game, chutes and ladders, a plastic crib for her dolls and some dress up princess clothes. Oh and some replacement farm animals for her second hand fisher price farm. Her daddy is getting her some clothes since she is growing out of what she has and will probably get her some other toys.

    My dad is getting her the Fisher Price loving family doll house.

    We are getting hailie a doll, the Tag jr reading system and some books for it, and a wagon with some blocks. Michael is getting a matt for floor play and some clothes.
  2. susiestar

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    so far I have NO CLUE what my kids want.

    Well, Jessie wants to not hurt and not shake, but otherwise I have little clue. I do know some authors she has been wanting to read, so I will probably get those.

    Tyler is a total mystery. He keeps saying he knows money is tight so he can just wait until next year for presents. It just breaks my heart to hear that. He doesn't understand that other people are buying presents for him besides us.

    Brandon is 18 in less than a week. I have no clue what he wants and will probably end up getting him a bunch of giftcards to fast food places and wal-mart or hastings (our book store). If his hangout had gift certificates I would get him one for there, but they still don't. He and his friends play D&D and Magic and even Halo and other video games. The place has all kinds of junk food because the kids stay there for entire weekends or so it seems. They have a second room that is painted black and they have our small town version of "raves".

    In other places a rave is a party with illegal drugs, and all sorts of other stuff going on, with very little "supervision". Often out in the countryside where there are no neighbors to call the police.

    Here raves are at this place, part of an almost defunct shopping center. They are at one end, with 3 stores between them and the veterinarian. One of these stores is the room where they have the "raves".

    I had the "joy" of yanking Wiz out of a rave one night when he "ran away from home". My dad had already gone to bring him home and Wiz packed a bag and left as soon as he got home. So I got called in.

    The room is painted black. There are some old recliners and chairs and two tables. Several black lights, a strobe light, and some flashing lights in other colors. Kids sitting around or standing, loud music, a little dancing, no smoke of any kind, no alcohol or illegal drugs, and mostly people sitting around.

    SOOOOO not a real rave. The owner doesn't guarantee that you can come back if you leave. He knows all the parents' numbers soif you do something he calls your MOM - in a smaller town this is more effective than calling the police. Cause the police eventually let you go. MOM is forever, LOL!

    So I am clueless for the most part.
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    difficult child is asking for a ipod. He wants the touch ipod, but it's nearly $400 (can't do it). I've told him I can't swing it but could manage the cheaper one that isn't a touch but has a decent screen. I think they are about $150. This would be his only gift other than his stocking and his tradition of getting pj's. So ipod it is!

    easy child wants a mp3 player but not a fancy one, so she's getting a $30 small one. She is asking for a Lego set that builds a house. She is my hockey girl, so probably get her a jersey or mini sticks or something. I'm sure she'll find a gazillion things to ask for, so who knows what I'll end up picking. I try to give her lots of options and then I narrow down the choices I make based on the best prices I can get etc.

    All I want for Christmas is my Christmas eve pjs, a book and a stocking with little things like candles from the dollar store etc.
  4. Hound dog

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    Darrin wants the Sponge Bob playsets that have come out. He must want them really bad cuz he's asked me to get them for his birthday (couple days before xmas) everytime I've seen him. lol

    I'm going to try to get at least one of those for his birthday. They aren't too expensive. Then he and I have a special thing we do. He loves farm animals, tractors and the like. No one else in the family buys these things for him. When he was 2 or 3 I got him an expensive wooden barn (huge) at TSC and bought farm animals for it and a tractor. It stays at Nana's. Cuz you won't believe how much it cost me. lol It's his special toy here. I'm going to add to this with hopefully a pickup truck with a live stock trailor and another tractor that he wants.

    Aubrey........she also asks for everything she sees. But fortunately I know where her interests are. lol She's so much like Nichole it's not funny. So I'm hunting a wooden type building that would be appropriate for the bag full of expensive zoo animals I've been waiting to give her for the past 3 yrs. I would have given them to her last year but I haven't been able to find a building that would work for it yet.

    So if anyone knows where I can find a biggish wooden building for zoo animals let me know please.

    The farm and zoo would stay here. So I'd get Darrin and Aubrey one other thing each. Darrin it would be either soldiers or guns.......i've got my eye on a really cute rifle set. And Aubrey.......I'd love to get her that dollhouse you mentioned for Keyana....but I'm not sure yet if I can afford it.

    I'm still looking for Brandon. And K has yet to email me things Kayla, Alex, and Evan want so I can pick from it.:tongue:
  5. hearts and roses

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    Big ticket least that is what's on easy child's list: Money of course, a car payment, new computer (but she gets to pick it out because she thinks we will buy something "cheap", cell phone, and clothes from american eagle. difficult child does not know what she wants other than a car...she really needs some nice new clothes and I will likely get her a gift card to Marshalls, her favorite place. But other than that I too am clueless what to get them. At least when they were little, it was easier for me. I could buy clothes, socks, even shoes and they'd be happy (as long as there was also play makeup, hair things and games and toys)!

    All I want is the new Nook eBook from Barnes & Noble. I know thats's a biggie, so if I don't get it, it would be okay - just a gift card so I can buy my own books.

    And H is very difficult to shop for because he doesn't like anything we buy him.
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    I've finally decided that I don't need to play Santa for 'kids' who are either in their 30's or close to it. Last year was easier with my daughter because I bought her some badly needed maternity clothes but I usually never know what to get them, and I know a lot of it wasn't what they wanted or needed. So this year they're getting exactly what they got for their birthdays ... money! I got my son, daughter and sister in law each a pre-paid Visa card so they can get what they want, then I will get them each a few other misc. things. And I'm having that portrait of the baby done by an artist as a gift for my daughter and sister in law. I'm fighting down the temptation to buy a truckload of toys for the baby. He'll be almost eight months old at Christmas and I don't want to get him a lot of toys he'll soon outgrow and I know he will get tons of toys from them and from sister in law's family. So I think I will get him a few toys and clothes that I just can't resist and then give them a gift card from Toys R Us so they can get him some more age appropriate things over the next few months as he gets older.
  7. Wiped Out

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    difficult child wants everything he sees (he is going to be sorely disappointed this year)! We did get him a very inexpensive dvd player he will be getting for Christmas (along with very few other things). He has a tv in his room that doesn't work for watching tv but will work with a dvd player attached. We're hoping once in a while to be able to get him to sit in his room and watch a movie. He always wants to be around us; day and night so we are hoping this will help.

    easy child isn't sure what she wants but I'm guessing some clothes or a winter jacket.
  8. klmno

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    JoG- Will you adopt me? LOL!

    difficult child wants freedom, of course. My tentative plan is at his release (which will be after Christmas and probably his b-day, too), he will get a very small halloween bag of candy, a Christmas stocking, a few wrapped presents, our typical New Year dinner of crab legs (his favorite), b-day cake and ice cream.

    I'm trying to decide if he'll be ready to start shaving yet and if it would be "safe" to stuff his stocking with a razor, shaving cream, and after shave, along with some other personal grooming items, basic school supplies, and gift certificates to places he hasn't been in a year- laser tag, movies, a pizza place, etc, where he can invite new friends after he's off house arrest.

    He'll need a whole new wardrobe except I'm hoping that the nice jacket he bought with Christmas money last year will still fit- he bought it a little big. This will put a damper on the already tight budget. I'll have underwear, socks, and some T-shirts already bought but he's of an age where he where he wants to pick out daily wear so I'll get him a gift certificate and take him shopping for clothes and shoes.

    Wrapped gifts will probably be limited to a game or two, maybe a cell phone, maybe a blowdryer so he can let his hair grow back out (it's kept a crew cut in Department of Juvenile Justice) and style it, and the clothes I've gotten him. If I can hold onto our tv's, I will let him move one into his bedroom as we downsize and won't have an extra room anymore. He's never had one in his BR before, at least on a regular basis, because he always stayed up all night watching it whenever I tried letting him have one. I'm also considering an inexpensive watch (he's gone thru several), a book or journal, if it looks like either would ever be picked up. LOL! Any other ideas for inexpensive things that would help keep him busy while he's on house arrest would be greatly appreciated!

    If a teen is just starting to shave, can they start with an electric razor instead of a regular blade?

    When a kid is released from Department of Juvenile Justice, they can either wear the grey sweats that they wear most all the time while in there or the parent can bring clothes for them to change into right before they open the gate. I have joked with difficult child and told him that if we are going to HI, I will be picking him up in the middle of winter with a Hawaiin shirt, shorts, flip flops, and a sun visor to leave in. LOL!

    This has now become my shopping list so thank you, Janet, for starting this thread! Life sure was a lot simpler when a toy firetruck, a set of blocks, and a coloring book made him happy!
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  9. Hound dog

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    Ooches klmno out of the way.......ohhhhhhhh, adopt me to please Jo!!!! :D :D lol

    Klmno reminded me of the other thing I'm thinking of for Darrin.......a sponge bob shaving kit I saw at walmart. He'll love shaving along with Daddy. lol
  10. tiredmommy

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    Duckie is all about the American Girl dolls. She has asked for the Sonali doll and a skate board outfit from husband and I. She wants Ruthie from Santa. We'll probably get her a Wii game or two as well and I'll get her pj's and and another holiday snow globe.
  11. tiredmommy

    tiredmommy Site Moderator

    Oh! I forgot about zhu zhu pets. She wants one in the worst way. I told her she may not get it for Christmas but perhaps for her birthday.
  12. klmno

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    What on earth is a
  13. klmno

    klmno Active Member

    How cute! I liked the car and garage!
  14. LittleDudesMom

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    difficult child wants a new headset for his 360, a new humorous desk calendar, a Game Stop gift card, a sweatjacket with zipper pockets! I've also gotten him a laser solar system projector for his bedroom (Fran's difficult child had one when I visited this summer and I thought difficult child would love it). I've gotten it all but the zipper pocket jacket - can't seem to find one like his old one. Not sure what Bonehead has planned.

    easy child saw a pair of fry boots she really wanted when we were out shopping yesterday. She wants a hair dryer and an iPod alarm docker. I also got her a really cute Betsey Johnson (her fav designer) necklace and earings. All her shopping is done too. Bonehead is getting her an iPhone.

    The kids are taken care of, teacher gifts are done, and most family gifts are done. I'm pretty much ahead of the game this year. I usually like to have most of it done by Thanksgiving so I can concentrate on more fun stuff as the weeks go by like decorating, baking, wrapping (I love to wrap - very few gift bags around here), and just enjoying the season. Don't like to fight those shoppers and lines. Most is done online anyway....

  15. LittleDudesMom

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    my easy child would have loved those zhu zhus when she was younger!!!!!!
  16. everywoman

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    TM---Jana still has her American Girl Doll---and their wardrobes. She has 4 or 5 she got over the years between 6 and 12. They are still loved and cared for.

    I'm trying to shop sensibly this year. I had an online party for Thirtyone gifts---and recieved a lot of free items. So I got each of the girls: Jana, daughter in law, Ashley (the distant cousin from OK who came to live with us this summer) and difficult child's girlfriend a large tote, key chain, and scarf. I will fill the tote with other things for them. Jana wants the first 4 seasons of House. I figured I would do a DVD for each. I will also get a few gift certificates for each.
    For the boys I thought I'd do something similar with tool boxes or tackle boxes.

    It's hard now that my "kids" are grown and have spouses or SO's in their lives. And I also have Ashley with me for good now---she will be home from college for the Holidays and I don't foresee her heading to OK.

    JJ is getting PJ's and a Leapfrog Leapster2 with games and a case. I will pick up a few smaller things as well.
    Vi--not sure yet...clothes and a few baby toys---maybe her first collector doll of some kind
  17. DammitJanet

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    Anyone who has a new baby girl...Lillian Vernon makes the cutest Babies first Christmas doll and they customize it with the babies name on the little apron. They also have a ton of customizable gifts that are reasonably priced. Its just I think the stuff is good quality and right now its free shipping.
  18. 1905

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    This year is going to be so easy. husband took my 2 easy child to Best Buy yesterday for their b-day gifts, but they're also their Chrismas gifts. The older one got a laptop, but he'll need that anyway for college in the fall. The younger got an x box 360 to replace a broken one, his own for his room- for birthday and Christmas. They are both done. I will get each a stocking with snacks and gum and maybe a couple gift cards to Wawa- for sandwiches, difficult child will get that stocking also.

    difficult child- I always get him a coat from Old Navy and some clothes, so he will be the only getting gifts under the tree. I also get deals at CVS during the year for freee toiletries, soap, shampoo, razors etc....(on sale plus coupons=free) I give them all to difficult child at Christmas. He doesn't know they're free.

    husband and I never give each other gifts,
    I buy toys for nieces and nephews- I have to find out what they like.
    My kids get money and gift cards from other relatives, that's enough.
  19. 1905

    1905 Well-Known Member

    Janet, Thanks we have a new niece. Good idea-Alyssa
  20. hearts and roses

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    Klmno & Lisa, I never said easy child's wishes would be granted!!!! Hahahaha. easy child will eventually have to choose one (and it won't be the laptop). And unfortunately, this year's spending limit will have to be adhered to because we just don't have the resources.

    Really, the easiest thing would be to just give them cash and let them go spend it how they like, whether it's putting money towards a bid item or just to spend. But I like watching them at least open a few gifts on Christmas morning, so I'm a svcker and will get them the usual red Christmas jammies and slippers. We all like food and cakes and cookies, so we'll do a big to-do breakfast.

    Oh, yeah, I forgot - easy child also wants her own Wii. I mentioned that H might buy the Wii for everyone and easy child protested that she needs her own because she's "not going to live here forever...I'm going to move out you know!!" H and I didn't miss a beat, turning to her and asking, "When?" Can you just imagine a house with TWO Wii's??? Absurd.

    Oh, how I long for the days of American Dolls and kiddie dressup and makeup!